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Yogaraj Guggulu


Each 250mg tablet contains

Vidanga Embelia ribes 3mg
Trikatu Three spices 9mg
Pippalimoola Piper longum 3mg
Shatapushpa Foeniculum vulgare 3mg
Devadaru Cedrus deodara 3mg
Triphala Three fruits 9mg
Chavya Piper chava 3mg
Chitraka Plumbago zeylanica 3mg
Karchur Curcuma zedaoaria 3mg
Saindav Rock salt 3mg
Yavakshar Potassii carbonas 3mg
Rasna Pluchea lanceolata 3mg
Kushtha Saussurea lappa 3mg
Ajwain Trachyspermum ammii 3mg
Twak Cinnamomum zeylanicum 3mg
Ela Elettaria cardamomum 3mg
Danti Baliospermum montanum 3mg
Aswagandha Withania somnifera 3mg
Ajmoda Apium graveolens 3mg
Jirak Cuminum cyminum 3mg
Dhanyaka Coriandrum sativum 3mg
Musta Cyperus rotundus 3mg
Hapusha Juniperus communis 3mg
Satavari Asparagus racemosus 3mg
Koshtha Alpinia galangal 3mg
Usher Vetivera zizanoides 3mg
Talispatra Taxus buccata 3mg
Lavanga Syzygium aromaticum 3mg
Loha bhasma Ferrum 12mg
Suddha guggulu Commiphora mukul 140mg

Method of preparation

The powdered herbs are mixed together with purified guggulu and then processed in a decoction of triphala- and trikatu (Bhaisajya Ratnavalı-: amavatadhikara, Sodhan reference: Bharat Bhaisajya Ratnakara)


  • Rasa (taste): Pungent, astringent, sweet
  • Vırya (energy): Heating
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Pungent
  • Guna (quality): Dry, light
  • Dosa effect: VK−, P+
  • Dhatu (tissue): Plasma, blood, muscles, bone, nerve
  • Srotas (channel): Circulatory, female reproductive


  • Amavatanasaka Destroys arthritis
  • Vatasodhana Clears vata from the body
  • Lekhanıya Scrapes toxins from the body


Circulation stimulant, antiarthritic, alterative, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, carminative, muscle relaxant


Arthritis Yogaraja guggulu is famous for its use in the dry type of arthritis with degeneration of the joints due to excess vata and deficiency of s´lesaka kapha preventing the nourishment of the synovial fluid. Symptoms such as pain, cracking, coldness, dryness, inflammation, deformation and numbness that arise in rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lumbago, gout, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury are all treated. The guggulu is the main part of the formula for clearing toxic accumulations in the joints and removing srotorodha. This helps the musculoskeletal system to be nourished as the pathways are cleared for essential nutrients to reach these deeper tissues.

Nerves Aggravation of the nerves due to excess use and strain can result in sciatica, spasms, neuralgia, tingling sensations, tremors and stiffness. Yogaraja guggulu helps to increase circulation and nourish the asthi and majja dhatus (bone and nerve tissue). It helps to open constricted and dry channels by nourishing and increasingmicrocirculation. Very useful for tinnitus caused by vata.

Gynaecology When the deeper tissues are stagnated by nervous contraction dysmenorrhoea can develop. Yogaraja guggulu directly eliminates these obstructions and relaxes the muscles to give a pain-free menstrual cycle.


  • Punarnavadi guggulu for kapha-type arthritis.
  • Kaisor guggulu for pitta-type arthritis.
  • Pusyanuga curna for dysmenorrhoea.


None known.


500mg–1g three times per day.


  • Guggulu is the leading herb and combines with triphala, chitraka and vidanga to clear vata toxinsfrom the joints and muscles.
  • Karchur, hapusha, devadaru and twak all encourage circulation to the joints.
  • Shatapushpa, dhanyaka, jirak, talispatra, ela, ajmoda and ajwain all act as antispasmodics to reduce vata. With saindav they all help to digestthe formula and treat the root cause of the problem.
  • Maricha, shunthi, lavanga, citraha, pippali and pippalimool all warm the coldness in the joints.
  • Ashwagandha, lohabhasma, yavkashar and shatavari all nourish the nerve, bone and muscle tissues to aid regeneration.
  • Guggulu, usheer, amalaki, goksura and musta all help to clear inflammation.

About the author

Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari

Experienced holistic doctor, healer, teacher, and writer
Specialized in Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)
Trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda
Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from the Institute of Medicine at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu.
Professional member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA)
Owner of Sunshine Ayurveda

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