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Written by Roshan Baskota

Yoga is very useful practice for being healthy, from body, mind and soul. But one working in the office surrounded by the wall all around can get difficulty on practicing yoga. On top of that stress of the work and sometime from the boss. So take away the stress from the mind as well as the fatigue ness of body, here are some yogic postures that can be followed without being noticed by your friends in office.

1. Head/Neck Stretches

To remove the neck and head problems here are some steps:

neck stretch exerciseA) Lower the chin to the chest and rest for a few seconds, gently raise it, and then gently lean it backwards. Hold for a few seconds and gently raise it upright.

B) Turn the face to the left shoulder and gently lower the chin. Hold it for a few seconds, lift the chin, turn to look at the right shoulder and lower the chin again. Hold for a few seconds, slowly lift the chin and face forward.

C) Face halfway between the front and left shoulder position, gently lower the chin and hold this position. Slowly raise the chin and then lean the head back in the opposite direction (midway between the back and the right shoulder). Hold and then return the head upright. Repeat in the opposite direction.

D) Repeat A.

2. Chest Expansion (Modified Fish Pose)

chest expansion exerciseFor the removal of stress from the upper torso, arms, and neck by increasing the oxygen needed for concentration, here are the steps.

A) Sit on the edge of a desk or the arm of a couch with the arms behind the back and palms on the desk or the chair’s arm.

B) Lean backwards and arch your chest outward, slowly breathing into the chest.

3. Spinal Twist

When you sit for long time in chair it give the stress to you spine and also decrease the blood flow, as a result, you start yawing and feel stressed. So to avoid that here are the steps:

Sit in a chair, with hands on the chair arms. Gently twist to one side, and then the other.

4. Lower Back Stretch

For sitting so long in office you feel lower back pain, so to ease this problem here is the step:

Sit up straight in a chair with hands on the knees. Press the palms against the knees, arching and stretching the lower back. Concentrate on the lower back. (The chin lock can be also done.)

This also improves your mind concentration.

5. Leg Stretches

leg stretch exerciseFor the circulation of blood flow in legs and to reduce stress in the leg by sitting, here are some methods:

A) Stand up straight. Bend one leg until the ankle can be grabbed from behind. Gently pull the ankle close to the buttocks. Inhale and feel the stretch. Repeat with, the other leg.

B) Sitting in a chair, extend one leg forward, parallel to the floor. Flex the toes up towards the ceiling and then downwards. Slowly inhale and feel the stretch in the calves. Repeat with other foot.

C) Slowly bend forward so long as you are comfortable, letting head and hands hang freely. Feel the release of stress from the face, arms, back, and shoulders. Also feel the stretch in the back of the thighs.

6. ABC Stretch (Arm, Back, Chest)

chest arm expansionTo release stress from the arms, shoulders, neck, and chest, caused by sitting, writing, poor posture, and work-related stress, here are some postures:

Method: Interlace fingers behind the back, slowly inhale while straightening arms and lifting them up to the ceiling and expanding the chest (i.e., arching the back). Hold and breathe normally.

Here are some other general things that can be followed in the office to ease the problems:

  1. Sit up straight in your chair. Get up and walk around from time to time to keep the blood circulating and the body loose.
  2. Open window and take a fresh air. Also slow inhalations and exhalations can help calm the mind and body.
  3. Rub the neck, shoulders, back, legs and face frequently which will increase circulation and remove muscle tension and stress of mind.
  4. Sticking out tongue and also making yawning motion (if it does not create a scene) will remove facial tension.
  5. Those who can remove the left shoe in office can practice a modified Siddhásana/ Siddha Yoni Ásana. Sit in your chair and place the left heel against the perineum or female generative organ. This will close the first chakra and keep your life-force from escaping which will also bring about increased energy, balance, and concentration.

Practice the Yoga in office and enjoy your job. Also when you enjoy your job you don’t have to work a single day in your life. So be healthy through the Yoga and be happy.

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