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Yoga & Asana to increase Height

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise designed for physical and mental enrichment. If you are not satisfied with your height yoga is one thing which can actually increase your height naturally. Yoga involves the practice of physical poses that stretch and strengthen the body. Many of these yoga stretches are focused around the spine.

Practicing Yoga & ‘Pranayama’ which is a deep controlled breathing strategy is very beneficial. When the human mind is relaxed and stress-free it will increase the production of Human Growth Hormone or HGH.

Furthermore, the deep inhalation and focus of yoga helps your body relieve the stress that causes tension in your back muscles. This tension would normally hinder growth, but with these height gain exercises you can overcome it.

People have the ability to get a height gain of several inches just by having the correct posture Also, it is important that you always check with your physician before beginning this, or any, exercise plan.

Sukhasana (The Easy Pose)  This is a basic yoga position and involves stretching the hips and lower back and it is the “centered” position from which all other yoga moves originate.

  1. Sit with crossed legs and hands on your knees
  2. Keep your spine straight and sit flat on the ground, look straight up
  3. Relax your knees downward towrads the floor
  4. Take 5-6 deep breaths, and raise your arms over your head while you inhale
  5. Bring your arms down slowly as you exhale
  6. Repeat this about 10 times and do this 2-3 times a day
Sukhasana (Easy Pose)


trikonasana ( traingle pose)

Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose)  – also called the Triangle, is the second yoga exercise  will help improve your balance and therefore help you have good posture.  Also, it is a very good exercise to use if you want to center yourself and relieve tension.

  • Begin, as in all of the standing postures with your legs about 3 to 4 feet apart and your feet parallel to one another.
  • Inhale and simultaneously turn your head to the right (with your gaze directed over your right hand) and turn your right foot outward to 90 degrees and your right foot 45 degrees inward.
  • Once you have reached your maximum stretch, rotate your arms so that your left hand can now rest against the inside of your calf and your right arm points towards the ceiling.
  • Pivot on your heels and face forward once more. Then, repeat this movement on the right side of your body .
  • Jump or step your feet wide apart and raise your arms to the level of the shoulders with the palms facing down. Depending on your height, the feet should be between 2.5 to 3.5 feet apart.
  • Exhale and slowly bend sideways, dropping your right hand down toward the right ankle while at the same time extending your left arm and hand straight upwards.
Dog and Cat Pose
Dog and Cat Pose

Dog and Cat –  The Dog and Cat actions are extremely well-liked workout since they expand your spine completely in two diverse directions. This addition will elongate all cartilage discs in your spinal column.

  • This Yoga begins on your hands and knees. So get down on your knees and hands like a toddler.
  • Set your legs apart and put your hands just in front of your shoulders.
  • Start inhaling deeply.
  • As you inhale deeply, incline your tailbone and pelvis upsides.
  • Try your best to let your spine curve go downward as much as you can. Simultaneously check out that your stomach is low.
  • Now gradually lift your head up and smoothly stretch out your body.
  • Hold on this dog position for few seconds.
  • Now gradually exhale your heart out, simultaneously reversing the spinal bend, slanting your pelvis downwards, stretching your spine upwards
  • Gradually draw your chest and stomach in.
  • Hold on this cat position for few seconds.
  • Reverse again and again.

Exercises to Increase Height

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) helps in stretching the trunk of the body and elongates the body from the region of the stomach. It also helps in relaxing the muscles of the side and back.

Tadasana (Shoulder Stand) is another recommended asana for height increase. The posture helps strengthen the vertebral column and improves the posture of the body.It involves standing upright on the ground by holding the back muscles and the shoulder upright. Other forms of exercises involve swimming and high jumps to dive in the pool. stretches the muscles of the body and internally gives your body the oxygen it requires to function properly. You should repeat this posture around 2 to 3 times.

The Pranayama (breath exercises) of yoga work wonders for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases and they help in the general growth of the body too. The breathing exercise rejuvenates the body for the proper growth and metabolism of it. It also helps to provide relief from acute pain in various parts of the body.

Surya Namaskara
Surya Namaskara Asana

Surya Namaskara: Surya Namaskara is in itself a combination of few Yogic postures, that helps your body as a whole and also for height gain. Surya namaskar is the example of balancing posture. In all these your body has to be straight and proper breathing is needed. There would be no result if you don’t balance and breathe properly.

Steps to perform a complete surya namaskara –

  1. Stand with your legs together, and palms joined in front of your chest (as if to say an Indian ‘hello’)
  2. As you breathe in drop your hands to the sides and in the same movement raise them straight above your head, .
  3. Breathe out while bending backwards (don’t over do it)
  4. Slowly bend forwards. Try touching your toes with your fingers. Mind you keep your knees straight.
  5. Now bend one knee and push the other leg backwards, while putting all the balance of your body on your palms (placed on either side of one feet.
  6. Slowly raise your hands, balancing on your legs, and try to bend backwards.
  7. Comeback to the previous position, and then push the front leg backwards, to join with the other leg. You are now in an inverted ‘V’ position.
  8. With all your balance on your hands and feet, try to raise your hips.
  9. Come back to the normal inverted V position and then try touching the ground with your chest, and thighs while keeping your pelvis untouched to the ground.
  10. Slowly raise your body from chest upwards and then backwards, while the rest of the body rests on the ground . Your hands should be just beside the chest. (This is called Bhujang asana)
  11. Comeback to the inverted ‘V’ position.
  12. Try to achieve position number ‘5′ with the other leg (and perform position number ‘6′)
  13. Come back to position number ‘4′, and then ‘3′, ‘2′ and ‘1′

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