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Yoga and Ayurveda – The Science of Longevity

yoga and ayurveda are sister science

The era of millennium, which is totally dependent on technology started paying great attention for health and wellness. Finally, people regained their health consciousness owing to flock of lifestyle diseases and disorders, which is attached with the sedentary lifestyle that we derived from hi-tech world. I’m not blaming about technology and advancements, rather blaming on people who almost became a potato couch!

Natural healing, which is quite prominent in Ayurveda started giving a new life to the people of new age! Combined with the goodness of natural bliss and exclusive healing principles, Ayurveda, the pre-historic medication cures the health ailments leading to optimal health and wellness in a long run.

Majority of the diseases which has a cure in Ayurveda doesn’t just limit the scope of treatment to a single aspect. Ayurvedic treatment is a combination of natural remedies, Ayurvedic herbs, meditation, yoga and minor modifications in the lifestyle.

Irrespective of the severity of any disease, the combination of Ayurveda and yoga provides optimum cure! For instance, imagine the condition Hypothyroidism, characterized by absence or low level of thyroid secretion. This is a lifestyle disorder with no cure, where the people with Hypothyroid need to rely on medicine until the entire life. To the contrary, combined with a specific asana, Sarvangasana, called Shoulder stand and along with Ayurvedic recommendation of diet, the functions of thyroid glands get improved.

This is just an example of a disease that can be cured effectively. Similarly, consider diabetes. Simple yoga poses which has miraculous herbs in Ayurveda, say ginseng, cinnamon, etc can improve the blood sugar levels and diabetics can overcome their lifestyle disease with little effort.

As such, Ayurveda and Yoga are termed as sister science. Both these natural healing therapies complement each other for the wellness of mankind.

ayurveda and yoga together

Yoga is the sister science of Ayurveda

Origin of Ayurveda and Yoga

As said above, the sister science, Ayurveda and Yoga has its origin in India. Lord Dhanwantari is the creator of Ayurvedic medicine. Lord Dhanwantari combined the scattered pieces and practices of natural healing therapies and collectively formed the holistic medication, Ayurveda.

The origin of Yoga is not apparent or evidential. It is believed that Yoga has its origin in India, in Hinduism. In rig veda, the ancient most vedic script of India, Yoga has mentioned as a source to spiritual knowledge. Accordingly, we can conclude that Yoga has its prominence in the pre-vedic age. Yoga is mentioned as a way “to interpret the origin and early development of Indian contemplative practices as a sequential growth from an Aryan genesis

While Yoga has numerous versions now, called Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha yoga and many more, the core concept is same. The movement or series of yoga poses varies with each type of yoga.

While Ayurveda aimed at good health and wellness, Yoga aimed at attaining spirituality. In ancient days, Yoga was considered a practice to get spiritual divine and reach god.

Ayurveda and Yoga – Similarities

  • Ayurvedic principle to optimal health is very simple. Any measures intend to build Oja, the immunity fights all diseases. It is not limited to immune system to fight against any bacterial or viral infections, rather includes a healthy body that has no traces of any diseases. And prominently, healthy mind! If you build Oja you can easily solve any kind of mental stress that continues to trouble you!  And you look beautiful with glowing skin and hair naturally with no use of artificial products, a part of Oja.
  • Also, a treatment of a specific disease in Ayurveda not just intend to improve the symptoms of the disease, rather the root of the disease is identified, addressed with proper medications, say medicines, natural cure and diet.
  • Yoga follows a similar kind of principles. The ultimate principle of Yoga is to benefit the mankind providing optimal health and wellness. Practicing yoga proven to cure many health ailments.
  • Yoga aids in building health, relieves mental stress, balances the psychological emotions, makes you look younger and healthier. Also, the benefits of practicing yoga can be reaped for a long time, say even until death.
  • Similar to Ayurveda, a specific yoga pose cures many health ailments. For instance, just think about breathing exercises. Breathing exercises cures sinusitis, nasal blocks, migraine, relieves stress and promotes the blood circulation in the body.
  • Yoga proven to improve Oja in the Ayurvedic context. The goodness of Yoga is blended with miraculous healing medication, Ayurveda.
  • Also, the effect of both Ayurveda and Yoga will not be at optimal level when the appropriate recommendation is not followed. For instance, if you don’t follow a specific diet, results for your efforts will be quite effective or will be delayed.

Owing to the fact that Ayurveda and Yoga has many similarities, as the concept of benefitting the mankind is very similar, yoga always forms part of Ayurvedic treatment.

About the author

Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari

Experienced holistic doctor, healer, teacher, and writer
Specialized in Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)
Trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda
Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from the Institute of Medicine at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu.
Professional member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA)
Owner of Sunshine Ayurveda


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