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Yoga after food for better digestion

Yoga for digestive system

Yoga is the technique of physical and mental fitness. Regular physical activities including yoga, meditation is the best way of living healthy life. Yoga, Pranayam are the complete holistic system of healing. The system of Yoga evolves before more than 5000 years history during vedic civilization. Daily practice of yoga in empty stomach is recommended and the best time is either morning or evening when the environment is cool and beautiful. Practicing yoga immediately after food and before digestion you may suffer from different digestive issues. It takes at least 2-3 hours for our stomach to complete its digestive mechanism. Your body will not be flexible enough for performing yoga postures and do breathing exercise. Doing yoga in full stomach is strictly restricted for good results. But yoga itself is the science of healing. Few therapeutic yoga after meals is recommended for proper digestion and absorption. You cannot do heavy jerking exercise but you can do light exercise in sitting posture which aids digestive enzyme secretion and complete digestion in estimated time.

Here are two yoga poses that always help you for digestive issue. In fact, they are the only two postures recommended to assume after a meal. Remaining others postures should be avoided!

Vajrasaan :

Vajra means thunderbolt in Sanskrit language. Vajrasaan is very effective and important Asana for digestive system. It is the great meditative posture that can be practiced at any time. Including multiple benefits it is very good for digestion and minor back pain. This way, you can allow your digestive organs optimal align, boosting their ability to function well. This posture can be done after meal for those who have weak digestion problem. It can be continued for 5-15 minutes breathing deeply repeating two times a day.

Yoga after meal

Yoga for digestion problem

Virasana :

Vira means hero in Sanskrit language. Virasana is the one of best seating posture. It looks like Vajrasana but the major difference is that in virasana the seat rests on floor between two heels. As the hero pose requires greater mobility of ankles and knee. This posture is also very beneficial for digestive issues. Just keep you back, neck and head in straight position. Keep your heel apart and rest of back over heels. You can continue this posture for 5-15 minutes depending upon condition two times a day after meal.

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  • Also supported supta virasana, reclining hero pose over bolster head supported. it is a bit more intense than upright….

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