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What Are The Best Foods For Busy Moms?

Written by Sardar Danish

Being a mommy is a full-time job, and when you work outside the house or run a business, it gets practically impossible to make yourself a nice meal. Running after the kids, taking care of their needs, and giving your best at your workplace requires you to have enough energy not to feel drained at the end of the day.

Quick, easy meals for working moms are essential to keep you going through the day without compromising health. Of course if you’re looking to supplement your diet with the highest quality nutrients and vegan ingredients, go here for the best multivitamin for busy moms that we know of! Here are the best foods for busy moms that you can prepare in no time to stay healthy and energetic.

1.    Yogurt smoothies

Yogurt smoothies made with different fruits are busy moms’ most quick healthy meals. You can make smoothies by blending any of your favorite fruits with yogurt and a little bit of honey if needed.

If you are looking for an extra time-saving tip, cut fruits into cubes and freeze them to use in days when you are short on time and need a quick breakfast or dinner smoothie.

2.    Granola bars

Granola bars are immensely healthy and easy meals for working moms as they do not require any cooking. Grab the granola bar of your choice and go on with your day. Granola bars are made with healthy ingredients, including nuts that provide you with good fats to stay energetic.

You can choose from a wide variety of granola bars according to your taste buds. It is better to buy those with high fiber and less sugar for a healthy munching on-the-go snack.

3.    Salads

If you think salads are time-consuming, you need a strong pull chopper in your life to make them a trouble-free meal. You can quickly chop your fruits, greens, and other vegetables to add to the salad and enjoy fulfilling healthy foods for busy moms. Add nuts, meat, and corns to your salads to make them colorful and a full quick meal anytime you want.

4.    Leftover meat and cheese wrap

If you made a fancy dinner last night and did not feel the energy to make another extravagant meal, we got you sorted. Toast a tortilla on the pan lightly, take out yesterday’s leftover meat from the refrigerator, and spread on the tortilla, top with cheese, fold and let the cheese melt. It doesn’t take much time and serves as the best food for busy moms.

5.    One-pot chicken roast

Another easy recipe for quick meals for working moms is the one-pot chicken roast. Take out your chicken from the packet and marinate it in your favorite readymade marinade that you and your family love.

Cook the chicken on low flame in the pot along with the vegetables you like, or bake it the same way. You can sort out other things for example: while dinner cooks itself without having to stand by the store all the time.

6.    Quick spaghetti

Who doesn’t love a quick spaghetti meal on a hungry stomach? You can make delicious spaghetti without pre-prep by taking a deep dish, adding the spaghetti, tomatoes, onions, heavy cream, seasoning, and baking according to your oven specifications.

Once it is almost done, take the dish out, add cheese and thawed meatballs, and let it boil for 5 more minutes. It is one of the yummiest freezer meals for busy moms that you can prepare conveniently in around 20 minutes without much effort.

7.    Date and oatmeal balls

If you are looking for quick healthy meals for working moms, date and oatmeal balls cannot be missed. Dates are an excellent source of fiber and energy, and taking 2 to 3 dates every day keeps you hydrated and improves the production of RBCs. Taking them with oats lessens the sweetness and acts as yummy easy meals for working parents.

Whether you work in an office, have a business to look after, or run after your kids all day, taking care of your diet is inevitable. Try 5 Delightful Ways To Enjoy A Lazy Snack Bowl these quick snacks and meals, the best foods for busy moms to make on busy days for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and enjoy a hearty meal. You can also engage your children to make it a fun activity and get rid of the tiredness from the day.

Happy parenting!

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