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Useful Yoga postures for Lower Back Pain

half lord pose

Yoga is important for reducing back pain and improving movement and function, although practitioners often find it difficult to maintain exercises when an injury is aggravated by back exercises. Many of the postures in yoga gently strengthen the muscles in the back, as well as the abdominal muscles. Back and abdominal muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, helping the body maintain proper upright posture and movement. When these muscles are well conditioned, back pain can be greatly reduced or avoided.

Choose an exercise program that is not too intense. Slowly increase the intensity of stretches and strengthening exercises to prevent aggravation in the spine. There may be a little back pain after exercises but don’t be put of. Try again at less intensity. Choosing the right Yoga for back pain will strengthen the spine and increase flexibility. This is necessary for support and greater range of motion. Back exercises are necessary for a healthy spine and can many times remove back pain but proper posture must also be practiced to greatly reduce back pain on daily basis.

half lord pose

Half Lord Fish

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Twists like the Half Lord of the Fishes pose are great for the back because they lengthen and strengthen the spine. Be sure to pay attention to your body while doing this pose; if you are in a lot of back pain, start slowly before going too deep into the pose. As an alternative try the One-legged Seated Spinal Twist instead.

Downward facing pose

Download Facing Pose

Downward Facing Dog

While many people think of the tried and true Downward Facing Dog as a go-to stretch for the calves, it’s great for the back, too. Downward Facing Dog stretches out and aligns the spine, undoing all the hunching over we do throughout the day.

Cat Pose

Cow & Cat Pose

Cat and Cow Pose

Whenever my back feels achy, Cat and Cow pose is best because it warms up my spine and feels a bit like a gentle massage. Provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs.

Traingle Posture

Traingle Posture

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is known as Trikonasana in Sanskrit—tri meaning three and kona meaning corner. Done properly and consistently, Helps to alleviate back pain and symptoms of menopause Strengthens legs, knees, ankles, abdominals, obliques and back.

Fish Posture

Fish Pose

Fish Pose

This Yoga Posture relieves the stiffness of your neck and spine as you arch your back. It’s a great beginner pose and will help stretch out your spine too; plus it’s the perfect antidote for a day spent hunched over a desk.

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