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Unfavorable Non vegetarian combinations

Non vegetarian food

Non Vegetarian combination

Ayurveda has described the way of wholesome or useful diets to take care of human health. Some of food by nature may create some problems on consumption. Some of these by their nature are beneficial when consumed alone. But become harmful when taken along with other things, in particular season, time, cook or uncooked etc. Ayurveda has described the food may cause imbalance in the constituents of body secretion, blood cells and tissues along with bodily humours. Prolong use of unfavorable food affects the health of an individual by disturbing normal body tissue. Non vegetarian food items are also described in Ayurveda but the Health benefits of vegetarian diet are immense. Having said that non vegetarian diet is not a banned entity in Ayurveda. But if you are susceptible to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high BP, then adopting a vegetarian diet will be helpful.  The use of non vegetarian diet and medicinal values of are also described in the Ayurveda medicine. But while consuming the Non vegetarian diet one should be aware about the possible health problem with the improper combinations of food. So it is described as the unwholesome Non vegetarian diet combinations very harmful to our health.

Some of Non vegetarian combinations that need to be avoided are:

Fish Milk
Pigeon meat cooked in mustard oil Honey, milk
Gramya /Aanoop/Jalchar Honey/sesame/milk/raddish
Birds and Animals Blackgram/Lotus stem/Sprouts
Parakeet bird Mustard oil/Honey/Cooking. Roasting, Grinding on wood of turmeric
Crane meat Vaarooni madya, kulmaash, roasting in pig fat
Peacock meat Cooking in airand oil, on Airanda wood
Bhaas meat Roasted on coal with shool
Pork Hot foods

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