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Sugar care juice for Jaundice Patients

sugarcaneJaundice is the yellow pigmentation of the skin and membranes caused by elevated levels of billirubin in the body fluids and occurs due to poor liver function or blocked bile ducts. This manifests as jaundice in appearance. So the basic fact is that there is a problem in the liver which leads to the occurrence of jaundice. In order to recover from jaundice, not only are a lot of medicines required, but it is extremely important to set the function of the liver working properly as well. This would also require you to consume products that would aid in the same. Apart from food and drink, which will all have to target your good health as well as the easy good health of your liver, you would also have to rest for a long period of time. This would also mean getting eight hours of sleep every night and a short period of rest sometime during the day as well. You would have to ensure that you do not do any heavy work such as lifting of weights either. This will only put more strain on your liver. Sugarcane is the best products for maintaining your liver function during jaundice condition.

Sugar cane is the best home remedy for jaundice patients. Cane juice is a natural high-energy drink, which makes it a healthy alternative to refined sugar added drinks. Sugar cane is one product that will help to strengthen your liver. It is a fruit that has many benefits. It can be eaten raw or consumed as juice. Sugar cane has a low glycemic index. This simply indicates that it contains no simple sugars which can cause untold harm to your body. As a matter of fact, it actually contains complex sugars and nutrients that are required to keep you healthy. Completely alkaline in nature, sugarcane will also help to maintain low acid levels in your body. This is particularly the case when you are suffering from liver disease. The liver becomes too weak when it is afflicted with any kind of infection. It does not even have the strength to recover itself from the disease. In such cases, a natural, harmless and strong product such as sugar cane gives it the revitalizing energy it needs. Since you would need to be on a diet with extremely limited carbohydrates, you can also use sugar cane as one of your sources of carbohydrates and energy. ) This is one sweet drink even the diabetic can enjoy without fear. It is because it has no simple  sugars. It refreshes and energizes the body instantly as it is rich in carbohydrates. It hydrates the body quickly when exposed to prolongheat  and physical activity.

In jaundice Febrile disorders which causes fever where there is a great amount of protein loss. But liberal intake of sugarcane juice provides the body with necessary protein and other food elements.
During jaundice, there could be a sudden drop in glucose level. The easily digestible sugar found in sugar cane juice may help to recover faster from jaundice. One may have a glass of sugar cane juice, three to four times everyday.

One glass of sugarcane juice, mixed with the juice of half a lime, and taken two times daily, can hasten recovery from jaundice. It is, however, very important that the juice must be clean and preferably prepared at home. Resistance is low in jaundice and any contaminated beverage could make matters worse. One of the well liked home remedies for jaundice. You can make a tea of the sugarcane and drink it several times a day. Or sip on some sugarcane all day. Or you can nibble on sugarcane to help with the treatment of jaundice.

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