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SODIS and Ayurveda

Sodis and ayurveda
Written by Roshan Baskota

SODIS “SODIS water disinfection” is method of disinfecting water using only sunlight as plastic pet bottles. SODIS method of disinfecting water is believed to be discovered by Professor Aftim Acra at the American University of Beirut in the early 1980’s and different follow up research was conducted.

According to Ayurveda, the method of SODIS was already discovered in the time before 3000 yrs ago. Obviously the modern term like UV rays and disinfection was not given at that time but the main theory that the sunlight has power to cure the disease was given in the Rig-Veda (1/50/10/11). Rig-Veda is very ancient time (about 3000 yrs ago) literature. On different other ancient literature including Ayurveda the importance of Sun or “Sourya Chikitsa” (Chromopathy) was mentioned.

Ayurvedic theory behind modern SODIS

According to Ayurveda the diseases are originated due to disbalance in Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three tridosha are also represented by colors viz. Yellow for Vata, Red for Pitta and Blue for Kapha. Different disease has been also categorized by the color of body. (I will post about this in another article)

So using the above theory, the procedure is like this.

Different colored bottles are used. It may be glass bottle or colored material wrapped over any bottle can be used. In the bottle the water to drink is kept. Also the oil is kept in the bottle. This preparation is kept under the sun. The apparatus is kept over the wooden frame which is also covered by the colored material wrapping. The bottle is kept under the sun until the droplets are seen in the bottle. The oil used here is used to massage the body. This cures the different body problems like arthritis, joint pain etc.

Even in the time before 3000 years people were already aware about different phenomena which are just being re discovered now. It’s just that they do not use the modern term and we do not understand their philosophy and literature. The above article was just an example, but if you explore more in Ayurveda there are a lot to be re discovered.

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