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Vajikarana and Rasayana

Virilification Therapy

Man who is seeking pleasure should resort to Vajikarana (Virilification) therapy constantly. It bestows contentment, nourishment, children of good qualities, continuity of progeny and great happiness immediately. That (medicine or therapy) by which the man becomes capable of copulating with the woman with great strength like a horse, by which the body of the person gets nourished is known as Vajikarana, it is the best promoter of strength and vigour.

Brahmacharya-Celebacy, which is the cause of righteousness, success in life, long life, good for both the worlds/lives (the present and future lives) and always pure. For those who are of weak mind, those who are suffering from miseries, those and who are afflicated by diseases, vajikarana (Virilification recipes/aphrodisiac recipes) will be described to protect the wasting of their body.

Those who are strong, who are in their youth, and who consume aphrodisiac recipes, need not avoid copulation everyday in all seasons. The person should be administered oleation purification, decoction enema etc. along with ghee, oil, meat juice, milk, sugar and honey adopting proper procedure; food should be milk, meat soup and boiled rice etc. after these therapies, he should be asked to consume vajikara recipes which gives strength to the semen and the offspring.

Aphrodisiac recipes should be administered after purifying the body and considering one’s strength.

  1. Root of sara, iksu, vidari, virana and kantakari, jivaka, rsabhaka, bala the two meda, two kakoli, two surpaparni vira, payasya, jivanti, rddhi, rasni, trikantaka, madhuka and saliparni each three pala and masa one adhaka are boiled in two drone of water and decoction reduced to one adhaka. To this are added one adhaka each of ghrita (ghee), juice of vidari, dhatri and iksu, cow’s milk four times the quantity of ghee and the paste of vira svagupta, both the kakoli, yasti, phalgu, pippali, draksa, vidari, kharjura, madhuka, and satavari-each of prastha and medicated ghee prepared. After it cools it is filtered and nice powder of sugar, tuga and pippali-each one prastha of maricha one prakunca; of tvak, ela and kesara- each half pala and honey two kudava are all added and served. Consumed in doses of one pala every day the person mounts on the woman like a horse and copulates like a sparrow.
  2. Powder of vidari, pippali, Sali, piyala, iksurasa and root of Svagupta each one kudava, honey one kudava, powder of sugar half tula, fresh ghee half prastha are all cooked to form a medicated ghee. It should be consumed in the dose of one aksa by the person who has a hundred women in his house.
  3. Fruits of atmagupta along with wheat flour or flour of masa cooked well, with cow’s milk and added with ghee and honey and consumed followed by drinking of gristipaya (milk off the cow which has delivered within a week) keeps awake all through the night without fatigue but causing exhaustion to the woman.
  4. Consuming white tila soaked in milk boiled with the testes of the goat, copulated with hundred women as never before.
  5. Powder of vidari soaked many times in its own fresh juice and consumed, mixed with honey and ghee, makes the person enjoy hundred women.
  6. Powder of krsna and fruits of dhatri soaked well (many times) in its own juice and licked mixed with sugar, honey and ghee, followed by drinking of milk, such a man though aged eighty years, copulates like a youth.
  7. He who licks one karsa of powder of madhuka added with ghee and honey followed by drinking milk, remains powerful always.
  8. Consuming the paste of kulirasrngi dissolved in milk and partakes food along with sugar, ghee and milk behaves like a bull with women.
  9. Consuming payasya cooked in milk and added with honey and ghee followed by drinking of baskayana ksira (milk of a cow which has delivered the half calf before one year) does not have decrease (of semen).
  10. Powder of seeds of svayamgupta and iksuraka added with sugar consumed with warm milk makes the person act like a donkey (during copulation). In the same manner the powder of uccata or satavari may also be used.
  11. Dadhisare (solid part of curdled milk) white like the moon, mixed to boiled swastika rice, added with sugar, pressed through clean cloth. By consuming this even an aged man becomes a youth.
  12. Powder of svadamstra, iksurasa , masa atmagupt bija and satavari added to milk and consumed makes even an old man go to (copulate) hundred women.
  13. Any substance which is sweet, unctuous, stoutening the body, increasing strength and pleasing to the mind all of them called as Vrsya (aphrodisiac).
  14. Fortified substances of these properties, stimulated by his own urge and getting satisfied with the feminine qualities, the man should copulate with the woman.
  15. All the (Five) sensory pleasures should be enjoyed to the maximum, they are the sprouts of the kalpa vrksa and the five arrows of the cupid.
  16. The face of the beloved lady is like the utpala with madhu (lily flower full of nector), her voice like the soft musical notes of the lute, her bed the collection of flowers spread elegantly, and she is like a creeper with flowers.

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