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Panchakarma therapy in child disease

panchakarma therapy in childPanchakarma is described as sodhanachikitsa in Ayurveda. Generally it is not recommended for children. Acharya Kashyapa described clearly that more hot, dry and blood letting are not recommended in child (ka.Su. 27/66). Acharya sushruta described that Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya and Raktamokshana may be use in child after some year of development. Before Pradhan karma purva karma are indicated.


Snehana is recommended in child soon after birth (Su.Sha 10/42)


  • According to Acharya Kashyapa conditional swedana is recommended for krish (thin) and medium strength child (ka.Su. 23/8)
  • Hasta Sweda is recommended upt to 4 month of age.
  • After birth as per time, disease and physic there are 8 types of Swedana recommended as follows:
  • Hasta sweda pradeha Nadi Sweda, Prastara sweda, Sankar sweda, Upanaha sweda, Awagaha parisheka


Vamana is contraindicated in <6yr of age.

Dose of vamaniyakasaya are 3 types:

  • Utakristamatra   :  4 Angali
  • Mdhyamatra      :  3 Angali
  • Hina Matra          :  2 Angali


In children generally Mridu virechana are recommended.

Generally there are 2.3 and 4 vega in samyaka Virechana.

Dose of Virechaniyakasya

  • Utakrista Matra                :  2 Angali
  • Madhya Matra                  : 1.4 Angali
  • Hina Matra                          : 1 Angali


There are 3 types of vasti as follows:

  1. Asthapana Vasti (Niruha)
  2. Anuvasana vasti ( Sneha)
  3. Utara vasti (Uterine and urinary)

Vastiyogya  Ayu

There are some controversies between Acharyas

  • Gargya : Just after birth
  • Mather :  After 1 month
  • Atreya : After 4 month
  • Parasar :  Ater 3 year
  • Bhel : on 6th year
  • Kashyapa : Annada


Nasya is not recommended in child <7yrs of age

Source: Journal of Ayurveda Doctor association of Nepal, 2068, Dr Shiv Mangal Prasad

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