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Panchakarma for Gastritis

panchakarma therapyAyurveda feels that the human system has lost the hamony and balance of the doshas due to accumulation of toxins in the human body. Panchakarma treatments for gastritis will ensure the elimination of toxins; this will be followed by rasayana treatments including intake of oral medicines. Ayurvedic treatments for gastritis will also include a diet regime.

It may take a few weeks to regenerate the health. The healing response is one of the most complex and coordinated activities within the human physiology and often cannot be strengthened without the patient’s personal conscious efforts. This would include a set of appropriate Panchakarma treatments and Rasayana therapies .

The Panchakarma Treatments are meant to flush out the toxins, They are classified as pre-purification, main purification and post purification phases and include various types of therapies like oil massages, fermented liquid massages, medicinal enemas, herbal purification methods.

Panchakarma for Gastritis

Pre-purification therapies are the first ones applied to loosen the toxins, open up the circulation channels and get the body ready for discarding these wastes. These methods are highly relaxing for the body and mind.

Pre purification methods adopted for gastritis are as follows

Swedan is the process by which the body is made to sweat or perspire. By this sweating, the Agni is increased and the fatty tissue gets mobilized and throws out the waste products through the pores of the skin. This process cleans the channels thoroughly and helps control the vitiated pita doshas.

Snehan means oleation.Its literal meaning is love or tenderness.Whatever causes unctuousness, fluidity, softness and moistness in the body is Snehana or oleation therapy.   The fatty substances used in this therapy are for the purpose of producing lubrication, anointing or oleating effect on the internal as well as external organs. This treatment has qualities like restfulness, strength, invigoration and cognition. This is mainly done with substances like Tila – Taila and Ghrta. This treatment is very effective in the treatment of Gastritis.

Amaltas, guggul, ginger, neem, onion, chopchini, triphala etc. are the main medicinal herbs and spices used in the ayurvedic preparations.

Main purification Therapies for Gastritis

This is the phase of elimination of toxins that were loosened at the pre purification treatment stage. These therapies are highly potential methods and are usually overseen by doctors. The commonly adopted Panchakarma treatments for Gastritis are Virechanam, Vamanam and Vasthi.

Virechan is the oral intake of safe herbal medicines leading to the elimination of poisonous wastes through the anal route. The purgative medicine consists of herbal powders, medicated castor oil or herbal paste. Avipathychooram, the herbal powder which is generally used for virechanam is made out of a mixture of herbs like turpith, embellia fruits, ginger, cardamom,long pepper, cinnamon etc.

Vamana is also known as therapeutic vomiting. It is a treatment that eliminates the vitiated doshas (waste products) through the upper gastro-intestinal track. It expels and cleanses undigested food. It has been found to be highly effective in treating Diabetic Neuropathy. Herbs generally used in vamanam include – nut grass tuber, liquorices etc.

Vasthi is an enema therapy. It is considered the ace colon cleaning panchakarma treatment. In this form of treatment special medicines are introduced through the anal route for the evacuation of accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes. It is highly recommended in the treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy.Dill seeds, honey, rock salt, herbal pastes, oils and decoctions are the main ingredients used in vasthy. Vasthy helps to flush out the accumulated wastes and toxins from the metabolic system.

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  • Dear Dr RAM Bhandari

    Mm thanks for the such good artical. for the Gastritis Juice control
    Kindly advice if This panchkarma is suitable for 70 year old woman suffering from squat
    irritable bowel syndrome .she is on antibiotic for more then 10 year.

    now she is fed up from the medicine and quit frustrated.

    my Mobil no is 9322597043.

    Once again many Thanks.& wating for your responce ASAP.


    if possebal then kindly give suggention went you can help us.

  • Thanks for query mahendra for age of 70yrs i do not recommend for panchakarma..
    instead we had good herbal ayurvedic medicine therapy for Irritable bowel syndrome..Consult your nearest Ayurveda specialist for consultation. Take care

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