Ayurveda Centre

Nardevi Central Ayurveda Hospital, Kathmandu

Naradevi Ayurveda Hospital was established in 1974 BS ‘Baishak Shukla Akshaya Tritiya’. The formal education of Ayurveda which is also the first technical education in Nepal was also started in its boundary after ten years.It was named Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital after transferring it to Naradevi in 1985.   Now it is equipped with 100 beds. Due to the growing scope of Ayurveda, the number of visitors is increasing to this hospital. Various lab equipment and other facilities have been increased to meet the demand of large no. of patients.

Its services are

1. Internal Medicine (Kayachikitsa) with related Panchakarma.
2.  Surgery (shalye), ENT+eye (shalakya) and its Ksharasutra.
3. Gynecology ( Stri Roga) and obstetrics (Prashuti Roga).
4. Pediatrics (Baal Roga).
5. Acupuncture
6. Pathology lab, x-ray, USG and ECG etc.
7. Own pharmacy. (Free distribution of some drug).

Now the outpatient department of this hospital is running jointly with the help of lectures, professors and doctors of Ayurveda campus and Ayurveda Hospital respectively. BAMS students do their clinical practice and internship in this hospital

Ayurveda health policy was made in 2052 BS. It has declared; to make Naradevi Ayurveda Hospital 100 bedded, to form its management committee and to provide specialized service through the establishment of different departments. One- the role of teaching hospital it has been providing and the other is the role of providing health facilities through Ayurveda treatment center HMG Nepal.

About the author

Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari

Experienced holistic doctor, healer, teacher, and writer
Specialized in Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)
Trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda
Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from the Institute of Medicine at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu.
Professional member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA)
Owner of Sunshine Ayurveda


  • Namaste ,
    i have just a question over here for my foreign friend.

    My wish is to go Himalya and I still want to go to a Ayurvedic hospital I suffer from Tinnitus a noice in my ears that I cant get rid of.
    For this treatment My friend who is from Sweden wants come in Nepal for the good treatment so, if it is possible , I would be pleased to hear from you sir.

  • namaste

    actually my wife is suffering from breast pain since 3 months. we did medical treatment and she is taking medicine as well but its not working . at first month we thought it as pain which happens during menstruation and in the end of month when we met dr. suggest that it could be because of hormonal change but as it became 3 month there is no any improvement so i would like to know from you if there is any Ayurveda treatment regarding this breast panning problem.

  • namaste

    my wife is suffering from piles 3 years. we did medical treatment and she is taking medicine as well but its not working. it looks 2-3 steps of piles deases. so i would like to take operation of her. so, is if you have any treatment pls reply me or in your hospital
    piles operaion would happen or not

  • hello
    I m in trouble by my disease. I already vesited many .popular hospitals, but nothing another disease found, but only gastric is answered. I regularly took that prescribed medicine but that is not effective for me? I always take care about ma Gooding, no oily food, no hot curry, always boilled water, please tell me about my disease, what kind of this is? can it solved by aurbedik medic? please infom me at my mail. thank you.

  • नमस्कार,

    मेरो ममीलाई हेपटाइटिस बी पोजेटीब भएको छ । हस्पीटलमा लैजादा यसको कुनै उपचारनै हुदैन भनेर कुनैपनी ‍औषधी दिदैनन् । के यो रोग ठिक हुदैनत ? मैले सुने अनुसार यसको उपचार Ayurveda Hospital मा हुन्छ भन्ने सुनेकी थिए । यसको उपचार हुन्छ कि हुदैन यसबारे मलाई सबैकुराको जानकारी दिनहुन अनुरोध गर्दछु ।

  • Dear sir namaste ,i’m suffering from chronic gastritis from six years . on jestha i suffered from pain somewhere me urinary part so iwent to patan hospital and doctor there referred huprazole tablets ,after taking that drug i suffered from swollen stomach and nausea for many days so i went to NMC hospital jorpati and did endoscopy and ultrasound at that time no proper disease or problem was diagnosed or seen but also my problem was same i took some drugs as referred by doctor there but the endoscopy pipe wrongly passed had hurt me during endoscopy which later turned into wound in my stomach .after not getting a proper solution from there i went to a traditional vaidya in mahobouddha.he advised me to take medicine for a couple of month so i did but also not solved later i went to Naradevi hospital and checked by………… his medicines resulted me into insomnia for 10 days After that i went to one of the top Gastro Entrologist of Bir Hospital He again did endoscopy and diagnosed wounds in dudenum I and ii and stomach his drugs and antibiotics worked for a couple of weeks but the drugs resulted onto stomatitis and erosions in the throat .it led to burning sensation from stomach to throat these days which has led to insomnia or sleeplessness again so i’m waiting for a good Doctor to grace my life sir, i hope a long term solution from you.

    • Hlo Dai, I am suffering from same problem now. It will be really helpful if you could suggest me some solution for this problem if u ve found any..

  • Hello sir, I know a patient who has jbs… And is in ICU in bir hospital… They said they wud used a med that wud cost them 60000 a day… These people are not rich… And they came all over from bhojpur… And this med they talked abt( they are not sure if it will work)
    Please help them… If u can’t treat him… U can recommend who can. They are poor but they are humans too.

  • my disease is psoriasis. since many years i had Psoriasis. How to rid from this. may i get well from Psoriasis or not? i would like to come at naradevi aayurved chikitsalaya. there will treatment or not?

  • Hello sir, I am suffering from anxiety disorder since 5 years still taking medication . doctor are saying to stop medicine but I can’t .
    Now I have to stop medicine so ayurvedic medicine is available for anxiety .

  • Sir, Im the patient of takayasu arterties, it was diagnosed 19 years back and since that time I am treating aleopathically with different doctors but the result is poor. So, is their some hope on ayurved.. Please help me! I am 33 years male from Dang.

  • Hello Sir
    Namaste.Do u have any treatment for Duchhene Muscular Distrophy for 9 yrs old boy.if yes,then please reply ASAP.

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