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Mustard (Brassica Nigra)



brassica Nigra

Mustard Seed

Mustard is a very interesting plant with a lot of history and many uses. It has both medicinal and culinary value useful to man in the past and present. The other common names for the herb mustard (black) are Mustard Seed, Brown mustard, White Mustard, Yellow mustard, Red mustard, Cadlock, Kerlock, Senvre and Scurvy.

Common name Mustard seed (English) Sanskrit Siddha-rthaka, Sarsapa, Rajika Latin name Brassica nigra/juncea–Semen (Brassicaceae family)


  • It has high content of selenium and magnesium providing both omega3 and omega6-fatty acids, as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.


  • Dıpana Appetiser
  • Paka Digestive
  • Krminasaka kill worms
  • Agnivardhana Increases the appetite
  • Anuloma Redirects the flow of vata downwards


The seeds of the Mustard (black) are of both medicinal and commercial uses.


Carminative, vermicide, expectorant, analgesic, rheumatic


Digestion Mustard seeds is good for digestion. It helps in maintaining agni, high kapha and ama. It clears sluggish intestinal mucus and krimihar (kill worms)

Lungs Mustard is best cough expectorant, clears white sticky phlegm. It is beneficial for both kapha-vata problems like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.

Joints  Mustard is useful herbs for arthritis caused by cold, damp environment and lifestyle. It helps to Clears ama and regulates vata. Mustard oil is used for massaging for pain and swelling.


* Dry ginger, guduchi, pippali, black pepper are mixed for low digestive fire.

* Pippali, pushkaramoola, anthrapachaka are useful for  lung congestion and high kapha.

* Guggulu, myrrh, frankincense for accumulated Ama condition in arthritis like amavata.


1–6gm per day dry or 1–6ml per day

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