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Migraine: Simple steps of care and cure

migraine headache

Migraine Headache

Migraine is the headache which is characterised by recuring paroxysmale attacks. It occurs in bouts. Often the patients gets pain onlyin one side of the head. Excessive worry and anxiety is considered to be the primary cause of this type of headache. Exposing the head to the heat of the sun or the cold wind or snow for a long time is one of the precipipating factors. Many patients suffering from migraine suffer from sinusitis, making the picture more complex. In ayurved this condition is known as Ardhavabhedaka. There is similar condition known as Suryavarta in which the headache increase as the sun moves up in the sky, the patient feels pain as sun goes down.


If the patient is having nauseating sensation, it will better to allow the patient to vomit out. Vomiting relieves indigestion and thus the patient is relieved of his headache. Even if there is no nausea, the patient may be made to drink 5-6 tumblerfuls of water and vomit it out. You can add also a half teaspoonful of salt so after drinking water as much as possible, the throat of the patient should be tingled with the help of finger and induce vomiting.

If the patients have the symptoms of constipation, they should be given triphala powder, one teaspoonful at bedtime with cup of luke warm water or milk.

Nasyam: A medicine found very effective in this type of headache is Anutaila for Nasyam. This is medicated oil prepared by boiling 38 medicinal plants in gingelly oil and goat milk. It has no poisonous effect. Deep inhalation of the nose can cause sneezing. The oil properly inhalde, removes the blockage of passage of sinus of nose. This inhalation therapy may be used 2-3 times a day. When attack of migrain is acute, use of this relief patients. The dose of the oil is 6 dropsw only  and it is to be used as under prescription of doctor.

Suvarna Sutashekhara is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. It contains mercury, gold, copper, sulphur and borax in bhasma form. Some poisonous drugs namely vasanabha and dhatura are also used to treat. Ten more medicinal plants or drugs of animal origins are added to it and triturated with the juice of bhringaraja. This is given to patients on empty stomach in a dose of 125mg, twice daily with milk. It works both as a preventive as well as curative for this condition. Godhanbti bhasma, which is very economical is also used for the treatment of this condition. This is given to the patient in the dose of 1gm three times a day, mixed with honey.


Fried and spicy food stuff is harmful to the patients. Curd and other sour things are also to be avoided. Cow’s milk and cow’s ghee are highly beneficial for the patient suffering with migraine.

Othe regimens:

The patient should take care to keep himself free from indigestion, constipation, mental worries and anxieties and he should not expose himself to excessive heat, excessive cold, dust and rain. He should go to bed early and avoid spending sleepless nights.

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  • Very useful information indeed.Sonth,dried ginger powder, has been clinically proved to very effective in migraine.Taken with hot water in morning it has been found to relieve the symptoms and cure the disease.

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