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Lunar Eclipse and its affect in Human health

lunar eclipse

lunar eclipse and health

A lunar eclipse happens as the result of the Earth’s shadow on the moon. It is a natural process when the sun, the earth and the moon come in a perfect line of alignment. Hindu rituals mainly in south asia belief in the elcipse of sun and moon. The traditional rituals on these days as compared to modern scientific evaluation. Many people are not even aware that eclipses affect human health. There is no good description of lunar eclipse in Ayurveda but It is not a mere traditional belief. Solar and lunar eclipses do have effect on human health.

Ancient beliefs about lunar eclipse

  • Some religions in the eastern world believe that pregnant women should stay indoors during an eclipse to prevent the baby from developing birth defects. Hindus also believe that during these periods water becomes undrinkable and food becomes inedible.
  • People still believe that you should not walk in the open air when there is lunar eclipse. Pregnant women do have effect on their wombs. Children born to women who exposed themselves to lunar eclipse were affected and children born to them had defects either physically or mentally.
  • There are many people who believe that if a moon is in a bad position like eclipse it may cause heart related diseases, breathing trouble, coughs, colds, insomnia, stress, impatience, insecurity, indecisiveness, fear and mood swings. Exposing yourself to open lunar eclipse may even lead to mental imbalance and lunacy. Just think why is it called “lunacy”?
  • There are strong evidences that lunar eclipse does have some effect on the hormones, especially a woman’s monthly cycle and fertility.
  • Even today, many people who go for astrology believe that a good moon position will bring you fortunes such as, honor, fame, spiritual energy, financial fortune, charming personality, good health and balanced physique.

What does modern science say?

There is no explanation of effect of lunar eclipse in human health. They also state that the effects of lunar cycle on humans and animals have been much less explored. Although medical world warns about looking at solar eclipse with naked eye, it does not say anything about lunar eclipse.

Effects of the lunar cycle on humans

  • Even though the medical world has not reached at any conclusion that eclipses have a physical effect on people, the beliefs that eclipses are capable of producing psychological effect may pave way to discoveries on this subject. The beliefs that the moon can alter people’s behavior, their health, wealth or even their luck may lead to cosmological influence on human life.
  • Many believe a good moon position will bring you fortunes such as, honor, fame, spiritual energy, financial fortune, charming personality, good health and balanced physique.
  • Others believe a moon in poor position could cause heart related disease, breathing trouble, coughs, colds, insomnia, stress, impatience, insecurity, indecisiveness, fear and mood swings, even leading to mental imbalance and “lunacy.”
  • And lastly some feel the moon’s position can help or hurt hormones, a women’s monthly cycle and fertility.

Pathies differ in their approach to the lunar eclipse. While allopathy is silent Ayurveda and Vedic text Facts and Myths.

  • Watching lunar eclipse does not damage the eyes. As  during a solar eclipse, can cause severe temporary retinal injuries.
  • There is no mention about harmful effects of eclipse on pregnancy in Allopathy literature.
  •  Ayurveda mentions indirectly it under “air space vikrity” (disorders) and writes that the effect of these disorders on pregnancy can lead to blind child or a child with low body energy. It also says that the child may be born with dog and elephant characteristics. It does not mention the word “eclipse” anywhere.
  • As both Ayurveda and Dharma Shastra directs pregnant ladies to take precautions one should take them as otherwise the fear of giving birth to an abnormal child can cause abnormalities in the child. Those who have faith or fear that eclipse can harm pregnant ladies should take precautions.
  • Lunar eclipse may be associated with exacerbation of mental illnesses.
  • There are some studies which talk about effects of full moon on rise in blood pressure, pulse and abnormal mental behavior and have linked them to high tides in the ocean.
  • More mosquitoes may grow during lunar eclipse. In a study of mosquitoes in coastal marshland site in Chambers County, it was shown that the density of certain species of the mosquitoes Aedes, Anopheles, Culex, and Psorophora increased during the lunar eclipse and decreased when the full moon was exposed.
  • There are also some Vedic beliefs on this subject: There is mention of eclipse in “One should also not eat hours before the solar and 9 hours before the lunar eclipse begins. One can drink water. One should not offer meals to God during this pre-eclipse period but can perform arti and pray. One should get rid of extra cooked food after the solar or lunar eclipse. One should not touch anything such as clothes, food, personal items, etc. during the eclipse.
  • No. A lunar eclipse is entirely harmless. About the only way someone could be injured is if you trip over a rock in the sudden darkness of the eclipse.

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