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Lemon and lime (Citrus medica)



Lemons and limes are very common and people are well fond of eating Lemon as juice, pickle etc. Lemons are important remedies for digestive and urinary system with high quantity of vitamin nutrients. Different variety of lemon are available kagaji, bijori, jammiri, sweet lemon etc. Kagaji lemon are commonly used for Ayurvedic treatments.

Common name Lemon (English), Bara nimbu (Hindi); Lime (E), Nimbu (H) Sanskrit name Jambira, Nimbu- ka Latin name Citrus limonum/acida or medica–Fructus (Rutaceae family)


  • Rasa (taste) Sour, astringent, bitter
  • Vırya (energy) Cooling
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect) Sour
  • Guna (quality) Light, dry, penetrating
  • Dosa effect VPK−, P+ when aggravated
  • Dhatu (tissue) Plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve
  • Srotas (channel) Digestive, respiratory


  • Lemon is rich source of citric acid, phosphoric acid, melic acid and sugar.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, K


Carminative, expectorant, decongestant, laxative, cholagogue, alterative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary

Lemon is very beneficial in numerous diseases like flatulation, vomit, excessive bile humor in the body, consumption, controlling dysentery, destroying worms in the stomach, clearing out the effects of poison from the body, cough and phlegmatic disease. It is also an excellent appetizer.



Lemon aid digestion and stimulate agni. The sour taste enhance bile flow and emulsify fats. It helps to increase appetite, anorexia, nausea and indigestion.



Lemon juice clears cough and mucus. It draws tissues inward also show antibacterial action for treating sore throat.



Lemon is rich source of Vitamin c. Sour taste in it aggravate pitta and the blood. It is alternative for clearing toxins from the blood. it also has anti bleeding from gums and internal mucous.


High citrate contents in lime helps in prevention of kidney stones. The acid condition helps to prevent high uric acid levels in blood.



* Roasted with salt and ginger for stimulating digestion in a preparation known as bhavana sunthi or prepared ginger.

* Salt water as a laxative and toxin remover (1tsp/500ml).

* Turmeric, gokshura in gall- and kidney stones.


1–15ml per day or 250mg–5g /day.




■ Lemon may increase pitta but it is used as cooling remedy too.

■ Lemon is sour yet pitta but yet less pitta aggravating and used therapeutically.

■ Lemon is both nourishing and detoxifying. it clears toxins, acid and congestion.

■  Lemon is used as vehicle (anupana) with medicines for liver disease.

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