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How To Use Ghee For Oil Pulling – Ayurvedic Way

Oil Pulling
Written by Sardar Danish

Oil Pulling – Sounds a made up term. Doesn’t it ? What if I tell you that this practice has been mentioned in Ayurveda to be as essential as dentists tell us brushing your teeth in the morning.

Definitely sounds intriguing. Might sound like an unfamiliar term, but we are here to guide you through it .

Similar to how mouthwash and oral rinses are used today, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice for oral health. It is the practice of vigorously swishing oil in the mouth to obtain both local and systemic benefits.

Oil pulling has been a practice for millennia as a means of treating and preventing a number of systemic and oral disorders ,using ghee and edible oils made from sunflower, sesame, and coconut.

There are records of 30 different types of systemic ailments that oil pulling with ghee is thought to treat or regulate, including migraines, chronic conditions including asthma and diabetes mellitus, headaches, and chronic migraine.

Highlights   What is Ayurvedic Oil Pulling ? ●     Different Liquids Used for Oil Pulling ●     How To Do Oil Pulling Using Ghee ●     Benefits of Oil Pulling With Ghee FAQSConclusion

What is Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

Ayurvedic texts describe two types of oil pulling majorly. Kavala Graha and Gandusha are two styles of oil pulling that Ayurveda mentions:

  • A tiny amount of oil is put in the mouth during Kavala Graha, swished around for three minutes, gargled, and then removed.
  • The mouth is completely filled with oil during Gandusha (more so than during Kavala Graha), which is then swished around for three to five minutes before being expelled.

What are the Different Types of Liquid Used for Oil Pulling

A number of oils are mentioned in Ayurveda to start the practice of oil pulling.To reap the maximum benefits of oil pulling, it is imperative to use the correct oil for the practice.Some of the most commonly recommended oils are :

  1. Ghee
  • Ghee is known as the ‘King of Oils’ in Ayurveda. Ghee is packed with Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids along with vitamins A,D,E and K.
  • A2 Ghee made from organic butter from pastured grass fed cows has the highest natural source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is extremely important as it boosts the immune system and keeps cholesterol levels in check. It is anti-carcinogenic as well.
  1. Coconut Oil
  • 92% of the saturated acids in coconut oil are lauric acid, which accounts for 50% of these saturated acids.
  • Studies have shown that monolaurin and monoglycerides present in lauric acid exhibit antibacterial activity against a variety of microbes including Helicobacter pylori, Staphylococcus aureus etc.
  1. Sesame Oil
  • Sesamin, sesamolin, and sesaminol are the three lignans found in sesame oil. Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids are both present in these lignans.
  • Additionally, sesame oil contains significant amounts of oleic and linoleic acids.The sesame oil’s constituents have antioxidant capabilities that lessen oral tissue damage from free radicals, which in turn reduces lipid peroxidation.

How To Do Oil Pulling Using Ghee

Ayurvedic texts mention oil pulling with ghee as a way to treat mouth ulcers, gum diseases, plaque formation as ghee pacifies ‘ Pitta’ ( one of the three doshas in Ayurveda) and curbs its increase.

There are specific steps mentioned that one has to follow for doing oil pulling correctly. Let’s discuss them :

  1. It is recommended to do oil pulling in the morning on an empty stomach for the best results.
  1. The suggested amount of ghee for adults is one tablespoon (10 ml), which should be put in your mouth and swished between the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes.
  1. The ghee’s viscosity changes after being swished in the mouth for the advised amount of time; it now has a thin, milky white appearance.
  1. It should then be spat out and never swallowed.
  1.  Rinsing your mouth should come next.
  1. No food or drink should be taken for half an hour after that .

6 Amazing Benefits of Oil Pulling With Ghee

All this reading must have made you curious about this practice. In this section, we will explore  the multitude of benefits this ancient practice has to offer to us.

  1. Prevents Tooth decay
  • Our teeth and gums must have a healthy oral microbiome, which requires regular maintenance.
  • In our mouth, there is a type of bacteria called Streptococcus mutans that is one of the most frequent causes of tooth decay. Also, Daily oil pulling with ghee for 10 to 15 minutes can help lower the amount of S. mutans in your mouth and shield you against dental issues.
  1. Encourages Clean Breath
  • In addition to making you feel embarrassed, halitosis or bad breath can harm your interpersonal relationships as well. Sulphur-producing bacteria that live in small grooves on the tongue and the back of the throat generate bad breath.
  • You can get rid of these bacteria in your mouth by oil pulling with ghee which will give you breath that is fresh and odourless.
  1.  Helps Prevent Plaque Gingivitis
  • One of the most prevalent forms of gingival disease, plaque-induced gingivitis is brought on by the interaction of host inflammatory cells with the microorganisms found in the plaque biofilm.
  • A recent randomised controlled experiment found that oil pulling with ghee significantly reduced the modified gingival index scores and plaque scores. Furthermore, oil pulling with ghee was proven to be beneficial against plaque-induced gingivitis by clinical and biological evaluations.
  1. Helps To Manage Dental Thrush
  • Oral candidiasis, often known as oral thrush, is a non-contagious fungal infection brought on by a species of Candida.
  • There is evidence to support two methods in which oil pulling therapy reduces oral thrush symptoms. First, it assists in the mechanical evacuation of the pathogens from the oral cavity by trapping or pulling the poisons and other pathogens during oil swishing.
  • Second, the antifungal qualities of the oils employed, especially ghee, kill the yeast in the oral cavity and aid in the removal of the candida infections by killing the yeast there.
  1. Systematic Benefits
  • Oil pulling has advantages outside of the mouth cavity.
  • Ayurvedic texts mention that oil pulling can be used to prevent and treat more than 30 different diseases, ranging from life-threatening conditions like diabetes and asthma to minor ailments like thrombosis, dermatitis, headaches, and migraines.
  1. A Safe Procedure
  • Additionally, oil pulling with ghee is more economical than chlorhexidine. The most common ingredient for mouthwashes. Also, It has no adverse effects like allergic reactions or mucosal discoloration even after prolonged use.

FAQ : How To Use Ghee For Oil Pulling – Ayurvedic Way

When is the best time to do Oil Pulling with Ghee ?

The best time to practise oil pulling is on an empty stomach early in the morning.The suggested amount of ghee for adults is one tablespoon (10 ml), which should be put in your mouth and swished between the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes.

Can Oil Pulling be done daily ?

Oil Pulling can be practised daily if done with the proper measures. Also, Remember to always spit out the oil after swishing and not swallow it.

Which Ghee is best for Oil Pulling?

Ghee of the highest quality should be used for oil pulling for maximum benefits. Also, You can check out A2 cultured Ghee to start this routine . It is one of the purest quality of ghee that is available in the market.

Wrapping Up

The practise of oil pulling has its origins in early Ayurvedic texts and traditions.. Additionally, oil pulling with ghee has reportedly been shown to significantly enhance dental hygiene.

Oil pulling therapy is a straightforward and affordable way to maintain. Also, it improves dental health without having to take any special measures. Also, In comparison to other detoxification techniques, it is quick, easy, and risk-free. Additionally, when ghee is utilised in therapy, it doesn’t leave any unpleasant aftertaste, related allergies, or other adverse effects.

The fact that it can be done at home using the staple of our kitchen – Ghee, adds to its advantages. Also, Using high quality ghee like Two Brothers A2 Ghee for oil pulling. Also, It will reap you the maximum benefits of this practice.

What are you waiting for? Also, Grab your pack of ghee and start this wonderful practice from today.

Interested in reading about more Ayurvedic mentions of ghee ? Discover The Ayurvedic Benefits of A2 Gir Cow Ghee here.

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