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Home Remedies of Pneumonia

It is an acute inflammation of pulmonary parenchyma. It is caused by a microbial agents and associated with exudative solidification of lung tissue is known as pneumonic consolidation.


Streptococcus Pnumoniae, Haemophillus Influenzae are main cause of Pneumonia. The main cause is weakened constitution by presence of toxins in the body. Especially in the lungs and air passage. These toxins cause wrong condition of respiratory tract.

Home remedies of Pneumonia

  1. Fenugreek: The tea of Fenugreek seeds help body to provide perspiration, dispel toxicity and shorten fever period. The dose of tea can by 4 cup a day and reduced as per condition. You can even add lemon to add flavor of tea. It is better to drink with fasting.
  2. Garlic: Garlic is important remedy of Pneumonia. It helps lower down temperature, pulse, and normal respiration rate. The garlic paste also can be applied on chest and garlic is irritant property.
  3. Sesame seeds: Sesame is a one of best home remedy of pneumonia up to 15gm seeds in 250ml of water can be taken. The mixture can be added pinch if common salt and honey. This help remove phlegm from bronchial tubes.
  4. Parship juice: Parship root juice is beneficial in treatment of pneumonia. The juice of leave and root has best value. It is excellent home remedy. Patient can take up to 250ml of juice daily.
  5. Vegetables juices: The combination of carrot , spinach or beet and cucumber has been useful in pneuomonia. The 200ml of spinach juice of 100ml of beet and cucumber should be mixed with 300ml carrot juice then the ready 500ml juice.
  6. Turpentine oil: Turpentine oil has action of releving pain during pneumonia. Oil can be rubbed in rib cage and wrapping warm cotton wool.

Dietary consideration

The patient can be taken in diet of raw juices for 5-10 days as per condition of patient. He can take a glass of fruit or vegetable juice mixed with warm water, 2-3 hourly. After raw juice, the fever will subsides. The patient should be in exclusive fruit diet for 4-5 days, 3 times meal of juicy fruits. Well balanced diet of natural foods, fresh raw vegetables is good treatment for pneumonia.

Other measures:

Patient should be given only warm water. Warm water enema daily can help cleanse bowels during period of juice  therapy of raw fruits. For reducing temperature of patient garlic can be good home remedy.

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