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Health Tips for Rainy Season

Health tips for rainy season

Tips for Monsoon

Rainy (monsoon) Season is not considered favorable for the health perspective. According to Ayurveda also there is accumulation of pitta in the body and there is increase in gas in the body. So the problem of digestion occur. The increase amount of moisture in the moisture in the environment affect the body. Due to increase humidity the number of bacteria also increase reapidly. Lots of mosquito, flies and virus start proliferating due to polluted water and environment. For the rainy season the infection is high so it decrease the body immune system. A very few common disease in this season are poor digestion, jaundice, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea. Besides skin disease as abcess, prickly heat and eczema are also common. Here are some common health tips to remain healthy  in monsoon Season.

  1. Avoid sleeping in day time.
  2. Do not indulge in excess physical exertion.
  3. Do not get exposed to sun frequently in day.
  4. Do not Play in rain .
  5. Always carry Umbrella or raincoat to protect yourself from the downpour.
  6. When you get wet in rain dry yourself as soon as possible or you can take shower before.
  7. Do not allow water to get accumulated around you.
  8. Always keep the surroundings dry, clean, neat and tidy.
  9. Usually virus attack if your body temperature is down. So keep yourself warm.
  10. Do not enter air conditioned room with wet hair and wet cloths.
  11. Dry your feet with soft dry cloth whenever they are wet.
  12. Wash vegetables with clean water and steam them well to kill germs.
  13. Avoid eating uncooked foods and salads. Because the possibility to get caught by germs increases.
  14. To keep yourself safe, clean your hands regularly and always bring a hand sanitizer.
  15. Once rain starts to pour, your initial reaction is to run to a shaded area and wait until the shower subsides.
  16. Use moquito coil or net to get protected from moisquito bite.
  17. Consuming a bowl of hot soup is healthy, especially during the monsoon months
  18. Vit C helps building immunity. So take fruits rich source of vit c.
  19. Drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated always.
  20. Do not allow kids to play in stagnant polluted water filled puddles.
  21. Keep antiseptic liquids like dettol or savlon handy and use for washing off mud or dirt that usually gets splashed around. Don’t just wash your hands but also your feet to avoid itching, rashes and skin infections.
  22. Always use sturdy footwear that will give you a good grip and adequate protection to avoid slipping or falling.
  23. You should completely drop down the smoking habit.
  24. If you are suffering from asthma or diabetes, avoid staying anywhere with wet walls. It promotes the growth of fungus and can be especially harmful.
  25. Drink lots of warming herbal teas, especially those with antibacterial properties such as holybasil leaves.
  26. Garlic, pepper, ginger, asafoetida (hing), jeera powder, turmeric and coriander help enhance digestion and improve immunity.

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Specialized in Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)
Trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda
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Professional member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA)
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