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Health benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamins are important essential nutrients for good health. Human growth and developments depends upon these nutrients. Necessary of vitamins in adults likewise vitamins are equally useful for child and neonates. Our food is natural sources of these essential nutrients. Vitamins are available in two major forms one in fat soluble form and other fat insoluble form. Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins. The features of fat soluble vitamins are so after fulfillment of human need the remain part are collected for future use.

The chemical name of Vitamin ‘E’ is Tocoferol which is available in alpha, beta, gama, and delta form. There is no effect of high heat and acidity over vitamin E but  wind and light effects it. The features of vitamin E, it oxidies itself and also oxidates other substance.

For the growth and development, Vitamin E is very essential mostly for the growing children. It is also taken as important vitamin for youthfulness, anti ageing and rejuvenator vitamins. Vitamin E reach up to cellular levels and prevents the ageing process. The need of vitamin E in human body is to fulfill the anti-oxidant properties. Also useful for women as it is skin care and beauty care vitamins. It is beauty vitamins so it normalizes the skin problem and prevent hair fall, grayish hair, dandruff and promote hair growth.

Vitamin E

Source of Vitamin E

Aphrodisiac-Sexual tonic

Vitamin ‘E’ is aphrodisiac, sexual enhancer, and sexual tonic. It increase sperm count and promote fertility rate. Researchers suggests the need of Vitamin E is basic for sexual and reproductive health. It is supportive vitamins for quality and quantity of healthy sperms.

Sources of Vitamin ‘E’

Vitamin ‘E’ are available mostly in plant source. Fruits and vegetables that we are using daily are rich source of Vitamins. Among plants, oil, fiber diet, wheat, almonds, green gram, soyabean, grapes, onions, apple, banana, honey, green leaves vegetables are taken are high source of Vitamin E. Tomato and vinegars are the highest source of Vitamin E which is soluble in blood.  There are other synthesized sources of vitamin E but it is recommended to use natural sources of Vitamin E only. For better suggestion for supplementary sources, you should consult dietician or Ayurveda speicialist for planning additional diet chart.

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