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Dosha Beauty Care (Facial Abhyanga)

Ayurvedic face massage is based on the ancient therapeutic principles of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic face massage seeks to promote harmony and balance in the body by freeing constrictions within the facial muscles and connective tissue.
Ayurvedic face massage is very special because it is uniquely planned for the individual. After the detail study of your face and asking some questions about your health and lifestyle in order to determine the optimum massage technique. Facial massage is carried out with combination of herbal oils as per the principle of Ayurveda.
The massage is carried out by application of massage oil and pressure along specific pressure points on the face. This helps to release all the stress-induced toxins from your face and restore it to its natural balance. The therapist uses his or her fingers to stimulate these pressure points by using special massage techniques. A typical massage session can last from thirty minutes to an hour.

Ayurvedic Face Massage Benefits

In addition to detoxifying your face, Ayurvedic face massage helps your facial muscles relax from their contracted state. It removes any stress induced blockages that are present in the muscles and in doing so, also ensures that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Regular massage can make frown lines disappear and make your skin appear healthy and toned. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and the circulation of blood. In fact Ayurvedic face massage is the most non-invasive and natural face lift that you can get.

Ayurveda Face Massage

Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Dosha Beauty Care (Facial Abhyanga)

Depending upon ones’s doshas different facial massage oils are used.

Dosha Oils
Vayu Ghee, Sesame, Avocado
Pitta Coconut, Safflower, Sunflower
Kapha Canola, Almond, Olive
Tridoshic Sesame, Jojoba, Almond

For various skin disorders, essential oils may be used, see the “Dosha Marma oil”.

Face care

Conditions Essential oil Mixtures
Wrinkles Fennel, Lavender, rose, frankincense, Cypress
Acne Bergamot, juniper, Cypress, Tea tree, Lavender

Miscellaneous Skin Care

Conditions Therapy
Eye care Triphala, Kajal
Stretch marks Almond oi

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