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Diagnosis of Doshas Condition in Tongue

tongue diagnosis

Diagnosis of doshas

The easiest and best map of the body interior lies in the tongue. Tongue diagonosis can be very subtle, and the skill can be developed for many years. In ayurveda, cleansing your tongue in the morning is like brushing your teeth, only more important. The actual shape and color of the tongue can also show you your basic constitution. A thin trembling, pale tongue shows a vata constitutions. A medium, reddish tongue is pitta, and a thick, roundish, pale and white tongue kapha. Normally, the tongue should be pink. Bumps, depressions, growths or gunky builds ups all indicate which humor or humors are imbalaced.

When the tongue has a film over it, it indicates a build up of undigested food or toxins in the body. The color of this film gives an indication of the humor that is causing the buildup. A yellowish or greenish film related to pitta and a toxic high heat condition. A white film is related to kapha, a condition of cold, oily, toxic congestion. Determining what is normally wrong from what you view is ,of course real diagonosis. This requires study andf experience, but here is what you can easily determines yourself.

Vata Disturbance on the tongue:

  • Small cracks all over the tongue
  • Dry, dark tongue
  • Film over the back of the tongue
  • Bumps on kidney points or colon area
  • Film over large intestine and or the small intestine
  • Rough back area
  • Small dark pimples

Pitta disturbances on the tongue

  • Red tongue
  • White cold sores
  • Bumps on the liver, spleen or pancreas points
  • Greenish or yellowish film on the tongue
  • Film on the middle section of the tongue
  • Bright red patches over digestive organs

Kapha disturbance on the tongue

  • White tongue
  • Oily film on the tongue
  • White coating or film on the tongue
  • Depressions on the lungs points
  • Bump or depression on the heart points
  • Tip of the tongue whitish or coated

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  • Thanks for a very brief introduction to tongue as a therapeutic guide.Dr Bhandari you are giving very good information on many aspects of Ayurveda.Please do provide some references also to information on this topic.

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