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Dark circle home remedy

1. Cucumber is very beneficial in reducing dark circles due to its cooling effects. Cut thin slices of cucumber and place them directly over the eyes. Keep them for about fifteen minutes. Do this every night before going to bed. It will give a restful sleep and will reduce the dark circles in the morning. Cucumber slices are very beneficial when the dark circles are caused due to stress.

2. Another simple method is to dip cotton pieces in water and place them over the eye. Here water is the treating agent. Its coolness soothes the eyes. A better effect can be achieved by using rose water instead of simple water.

3. The peel of a potato can also be placed on the eye. Do this every night before going to sleep. Since potato peels can attach better to the eyelids, this method is preferable over cucumber slices.

4. Almond oil massage is beneficial in case you are suffering from dark circles. Ideally, the massage must be done at night time, and the eyes must not be opened after that until morning. So, this must be done when going to bed.

5. Prepare a paste of nutmeg in milk. Apply this on and around the eyelids before going to bed.

6. You can even put used tea bags around the eyes to get good results. The alkaloids in the tea help to renew the skin around the eyes.

The most important thing to remember is that you must not stress your eyes too much. This is a sure way of getting dark circles. Even when you are working throughout the day, take some time out (even ten minutes will do) to wash your eyes with cool water and then keep them shut. Do not think about any stressful thoughts when your eyes are shut. Divert your mind in thinking about beautiful things in nature. When you open your eyes after the ten minutes are over, you will feel as refreshed as though you have had a siesta.

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