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Cow milk and human health

Health benefits of cow milk

Cow is a sacred animal in Indian culture and prayed as an incarnation of god in Hindu religion. Hindu pray cow like a mother as she feeds us milk for growth, development and protection. Even Ayurveda counts cow milk as the best milk after mother’s milk. Vedic literature explains, cow absorbs more sun energy and science has proved it having swarnanadi. Each and every by products from cow is human friendly and beneficial for protecting our health. Regular use of Cow milk, yogurt, buttermilk, butter, Ghee, cheese including cow’s urine and dung are good for health. But, killing cow and eating meat is strictly forbidden likewise we cannot hurt our mother. There is a big controversy about Cow milk in modern time and people hate cow’s milk. Let me share some health facts about by products of cow.

Ghee: Regular use of 6-8 gm of cow ghee improves digestion, eye sight, mental ability, skin complexion, immunity. It helps to balance Tridoshas and prevent many diseases. Ghee improves immunity and longevity.

Drinking Milk: Drinking a cup of warm cow milk at bed time is good for sleep, vitality, immunity and general fitness. Boiling milk with either almond, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron etc are healthy combination.  Also drinking cow milk with Jaggery, and cow ghee relieves urine problem, reduce viral fever and control stress.

Make a paste of Sonthi with cow milk and apply for chronic headaches : For hiccups boil and give luke warm milk.

Use of Curd for boils: Cow curd can replace out any foreign bodies like glass, metal swallowed accidently, curd controls motions due to indigestion.

Curd is good for people having digestive issues, pain, swelling and diarrhea. Local application on the site for 2/3 times per day helps the wounds to heal.

Cow milk for health

Cow milk and human health

Butter milk: Lassi is a very popular Milk product. It is an Ayurvedic Butter milk. Lassi with cumin, coriander leaves, asafetida, turmeric can heal many chronic problems including gastritis, weight, skin problems etc.

For migraine: Few drops of lukewarm cow ghee in each nostril for 3-6 weeks helps in migraine. Also massaging to palms and feet with ghee reduces burning sensations.

Gomutra (Cow’s urine): Use of cow’s urine is anti toxic and purifies the body. Early morning intake of urine is advisable for detoxifying our body.

Panchamrita : Panchamrita is a Sanskrit name derived from two words, Pancha and Amrita. Pancha means five. Amrita is a beverage or nectar, consuming of which leads to immortality. The five nectar are: Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Honey and Sugar. Out of 5 nectar in this formula 3 are the milk products from cow.

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