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Tips for Child Care in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient form of holistic medicine. It aims at healing the body by creating and maintaining the state of equilibrium, vitality and positivity. Ayurvedic perspective on child care is incomparable. The core concepts of child care in Ayurveda begin from the intrauterine and last up to stage of puberty.

Child care in Ayurveda is termed as Kaumarbhritya or Bala Roga Chikitsa. Kaumarbhritya, one of the eight branches of ayurvedic studies is nothing but pediatrics in ayurvedic medicines. The theoretical and practical applications of childcare from ayurvedic context are described in the primary text of Ayurveda called Charaka Samhita. Unlike the western system of pediatric medicine, Kaumarbhritya is all about growing the healthy child from the womb. The pregnant mother should adhere to many principles to give birth to a healthy and smart baby.

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Concept of Child Care in Ayurveda 

Ayurveda and child care has very simple principles. It is an all-encompassing medication that accounts elements from varying degrees, physical, emotional and psychological parameters that could get an impact on the child health. The health measures commences from preconception, gestational care, care during child birth, new born care, etc.

Pregnancy / Prenatal Care:

The literature on child care elaborates the nutritional, physical and emotional needs of a gestating mother. Fulfilling the essentials of a pregnant mother will ensure the healthy growth of the fetus. The expecting mothers should eat healthy diet made of natural foods. Fully cooked foods that are easy on digestion are highly recommended.

  • Pregnant mother should stay cool and composed
  • Avoid negative thoughts, anger, fear, jealous, hatredness, etc
  • Don’t involve in doing violent activities
  • Don’t suppress the natural urges
  • Avoid staying in the hot sun for a long time


Breast feeding has an important role in raising a healthy kind in terms of physical and emotional health. You could have heard about creating and sharing a bond with the baby through breast feeding. In order to feed love and affection to the baby, the lactating mother should stay happy without any confusion in the mind. Mothers should stay relaxed and should have plenty of rest and sleep to make their child healthy. It is essential to eat nutritious and specific diet prescribed to improve the quality as well quantity of the breast milk. Breast milk has all essential nutrition to make your child healthy and smart. Poppy seeds, dates, exclusive churana made of herbal ingredients, etc are fed to mothers who lack in breast milk to feed the baby.

Oil Massage

Authentic ayurvedic massage with herbal concoctions is a primary part of many ayur therapies. Oil massage is an essential element that enhances the growth of the baby. While benefits of massaging the baby has been in the limelight for quite some time recently, 5000 years old Ayurvedic texts has recorded the benefits and importance of oil massage in kids. Termed as Abyanga, massage with herbal oils protects the delicate skin of the baby against infections, stimulates the nerves and soothes the muscles, aids in relaxing the baby, induces blood flow, etc. Herbal extracts like Neem, Banyan tree leaves, Sandal, Tulsi, etc are infused in bathwater to protect the baby against antimicrobial rudiments.

Mental health

Kaumarbhritya lists out a line of ingredients to improve, regulate and balance the psychological and psychosomatic distractions of the children. Using aromatic herbs in the bath water or oil used for massage would soothe the mind and calm the kids. Besides, regular feed of rasayanas for  children like Brahmi, Chyavanprash, etc improves mental health, concentration power, memory and make them intelligent.

Simple ayurvedic remedies for common health ailments in children:

  • Abdominal pain – A pinch of jeera aka cumin powder with salt in warm water
  • Common cold – Boil tulsi leaves in warm water and mix with honey, give three times a day
  • Common cold, cough – a few pieces of ginger, honey and lemon juice mixed with warm water
  • Constipation – Soak raisins aka dry grapes in warm water over night and feed the water
  • Diarrhea – Pomegranate juice
  • Fever – Dhaniya and Kirattikta mix inboiled water and give frequently
  • Throat infection – Gargle salt water, honey, warm milk with turmeric and honey

Ghee is an important ingredient that boosts the health of the children. Most of the ayurvedic medicine prescribed for children is mixed with ghee. Don’t miss ghee in your child meal.

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