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Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum)

piper nigrumblack pepperPepper is one of the oldest spices and it is called “king of spices” used universally. It is very excellent remedy for digestive disorders and also nerves used for old age remedy. In addition, black pepper home remedies relieve sinus and nasal congestion.

Common name Black pepper (English), Kalimirch (H) Sanskrit name Marıca Latin Piper nigrum–Fructus (Piperaceae family)


  • Rasa (taste) Pungent, bitter
  • Vırya (energy) Hot
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect) Sweet
  • Guna (quality) Light, dry, penetrating
  • Dosa effect VK−, P+
  • Dhatu (tissue) Plasma, blood, fat, nerve
  • Srotas (channel) Digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory


  • volatile oil, a few alkaloids besides moisture, protein, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates. Rich in vitamin B-complex, it contains traces of calcium, iron and phosphorus.


  • Dıpana Enkindles appetite
  • Pacana Digests toxins
  • Amanasaka Destroys toxins
  • Pramathı- Removes accumulated dosas from the dhatus
  • Sirovirecana Purges the head of toxins
  • Svasa Helps breathing
  • Krmighna Kills parasites
  • Sulaghna Removes colicky pain
  • Rasayana (Pranavahasrotas) Rejuvenative to respiratory system
  • Kaphavatajit Alleviates kapha and vata


Carminative, stimulant, aromatics, digestive, diuretic, tonic and anti-coagulating agent



Black Pepper is excellent remedy for digestive system. It helps in increasing secretion of digestive juice which is Useful for low appetite, sluggish digestion, abdominal pain, toxins or ama and borborygmus. Black peper is hot in nature and its penetrating properties stimulate agni.  It has antihelmintic qualities helps in removing worms.  As it contains chromium, a component of glucose tolerance factor, black pepper is a useful part of many diabetes treatments; it normalizes medas dhatu and prevents ama overflowing into the pancreas and urine.


Black Pepper is good cough expectorant for Specific for cold, wet, damp, kapha conditions in the pranavahasrotas  for removing Kapha in condition like ; asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and sore throats (Bhavaprakasa).  Black pepper can be applied locally over the nose helps as wonderful decongestant to increase sinuses blockage.

Fevers Black Pepper helps in increasing the agni and helps to cook the pathogens with increase in release of sweat. This way it clears ama from rasa dhatu and normalise digestive fire of stomach. Black pepper is used for treatment of fever such as malaria with combination with bitter and soothing herbs. 

Circulation Black pepper helps in microcirculation in the capillaries. Which is helpful in cirrhosis, hepatitis and skin disorder. This is also good for cold congestion in uterus like dysmenorrhoea and amenorrhoea. External application of essential oil helps against neuralgic, arthritic pain and swelling against inflammation.


* (Trikatu) Ginger, long pepper and black pepper Gingerfor lung problems with sticky mucus.

* Tulsi, vamsalochana, haritaki, bibhitaki for cough from kapha remedy.

* Tulsi, neem in fevers of the kapha and pitta variety.

* Gotu kola, myrrh, turmeric in stagnation of the capillary beds.

* Aloe vera juice to stimulate rasadhatvagni and this can help treat anorexia, anaemia and amenorrhoea.


1–5g per day dried or 1–2ml



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