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Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis



The cavities leading from nose is called Sinus. The inflammatory condition of mucous memebrane lining of this sinus cavities is called Sinusitis. It usually follows a common cold, flu or other infections.

Ayurvedic view of sinusitis

Sinusitis is termed as “Dushta Pratishyaya” or “Peenas” in Ayurveda. Ayurveda calls nasal cavity as ´shirodwar’ that is the entry point to the skull cavity and proper functioning of brain and its various parts. Thus any obstruction in this pathway is aggressively treated. That we called Sinustis. The pathophysiology of nasal disorders including sinusitis is elaborately described and its symptoms and signs are described in the chapters of nasa rog and shiro rog.


The sinuses cavity only contains air, but if there is something in the nose hole connecting the sinus it blocked the mucous filled, make it infected, it is called Sinusitis.

People are prone to sinus infection due to regular allergic response, infection, cold, flu,. Chronic rhinitis and cold flu may also cause sinusitis.

Sings & Symptoms

Common symptoms of sinusitis is a running nose, blockage of one of both of nostrils, headache, constant sneezing, pain in face and eyes. The face be tender in touch not swollen.

Herbal Medicines

  1. Garlic: The fresh juice of 3 to 4 garlic cloves, with 2 teaspoonfuls of honey, should be taken twice a day. It is a proven antibacterial, and analgesic.
  2. Onion: Fresh juice of onion, well mixed in honey is also of great help in sinusitis.
  3. Black pepper: 5gms of black pepper should be powdered finely, and this, well mixed in a cup of warm milk, if taken regularly, prevents recurrent attacks. It is a good anti-infective.
  4. Drinking warm vegetable juices is also one of the best cures for sinusitis.
  5. Drinking carrot juice is also useful in the treatment of sinusitis.
  6. Avoid white sugar; cakes, pies, rice, white floor and candies when you have got sinusitis, as eating these things will make the condition worse.
  7. Steam inhalation is sure shot remedy of everyone’s choice.
  8. Honey with Tulsi combination is the best home therapy.
  9. honey with Ginger juice can be taken 3-4 times in a day.

10. Powdered black peeper with milk acts as a herbal anti biotic.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Maha Laxmi Vilas Ras (SIRO) : 1 tablet twice a day with Triphala quatha is a good remedy for this painful condition.
  2. Chitraka Hareetaki available in lehya form is a proven remedy. 2 teaspoons of this medicine should be mixed in a glass of warm milk, and taken twice a day.
  3. Nasal inhalation of steam for 5 minutes gives good relief. A few drops of Jeevandhara (a mixture of camphor, menthol, ,etc.) should be added to the hot water, after which the steam should be inhaled twice a day.
  4. A special preparation called Chausashtha Pippali is used in a gradually increasing dose, followed by a gradually decreasing dose.
    1. Septilin (Himalaya Drugs) tablet 1 to 2 tablets twice daily for 4 to 6 weeks.
    2. Laxmi Vilas Ras (Nardia) 1 tab, thrice daily for the same period.
    3. Shad Bindu Taila can be used for inhalation 1 to 2 drops twice a day.

Do’s & Don’ts

You should avoid the food fried, refrigerated and starchy foods. Also patient should avoid use of perfumes, scented oils etc. Be far from allergen like dust, smoke, excess cold. Etc.

Panchkarma Treatment for Sinusitis

Nasyam is the sure shot remedy for sinus treatment. After that, Rasayan therapy is must.

Yoga treatment for Sinusitis

  • Pachimotanasan.
  • Ushtra Asana
  • Matasya Asana
  • Dhanur Asana
  • Sinus irrigation with the help of water (Jal neti), with help of rubber pipe(Rubbar neti), with the help of cotton twisted thread(Sutra neti). After this use of almond oil or pure clarified cow’s ghee is very effective (Ghrit neti)
  • Kapal bhati Pranayam
  • Nadi Shodhan Pranayam
  • Surya bhedi Pranayam

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