Sex and Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Tonics for sexual arousal

sexual arousalAyurvedic herbal prepration are proven best for aphrodisiac property. Ayurvedic medicine are best sexual tonic without side effects. A part from these popular compound formulations used in vajeekarana, there are quite a few formulation which have a profound impact on the semen, the ovum and the genital organs of both males and females.

  1. Brihat Aswagandha gritha : The main ingredients are ashwagandha, ghee, milk and atmagupta.
  2. Brihat Shatavari ghrita : The main ingredients are shatavari root, milk ghee and honey.
  3. Amritaprasha ghrita : The main ingredients are ghee made of Cow’s milk, goats’ milk ashwagandha, bala, gokshura, atmagupta, kasturi and sugar.
  4. Godhumadya ghrita : The main ingredients are wheat, ashwagandha, atmagupta, bhallataka and ghee.
  5. Kamadeva ghrita : This medicated ghee is made with ashwagandha, shatavari, atmagupta, masha, part  of the sacred fig tree, vidari and lotus seeds.
  6. Narasimha Churna : The main ingredients are seeds of ahiphena, ghee, sugar, cow’s milk, goats’ milk, musk, camphor, and honey.
  7. Rativallabha modaka : The main ingredients are purified mercury, purified sulphur, abraka bhasma, vidari, camphor, pippali, jatiphala, shatavari, yastimadhu, atmagupta, gokshura, ahiphena, bala, milk and sugar.
  8. Bhrihat shatavari modaka : The main ingredients are shatavari, atmagupta, bala, buffalo milk, purified ahiphena, musk and camphor.
  9. Kameshwara modaka: The main ingredients are shatavari, atmagupta, gokshura, bala, buffalo milk, purified ahiphena, musk and camphor.
  10. Vanari vatika : The main ingredients are atmagupta milk and sugar.
  11. Kamini darpaghna rasa : Purified mercury and purified sulphur are triturated, this forms a black powder called kajjali, the purified seeds of ahiphena are added to this; this mixture is triturated again by adding the oil extracted from ahiphena seeds. This is prepared in a pill form. This is a strong aphrodisiac.
  12. Svalpa chandrodaya makaradhwaja : This is a pill prepared with jatiphala, cloves and camphor black pepper, kasturi and kajjali, it is powerful aphrodisiac and promoter of semen.
  13. Purnachandra rasa : This contain a preparation of kajjali, vidanga and swarnamakshika bhasma which are triturated with honey and ghee.

External applied oils

  1. Sri Gopal taila : This medicated oil is taken internally and also applied over the genital organs or males and females as well as the breasts of women to promote virility.
  2. Mriga mada taila : If used externally; it causes erection and sturdiness of male organ.

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