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Ayurvedic Rasa Yoga Medicine for infertile couples

ayurveda for infertility
Ayurveda for infertility

Ayurveda medicine for infertility

There are hundreds of medicine as described in Ayurveda for treatment of infertility. These range from the very economic one powder medicine like Aswagandha to very pricey gold containing products compound like Makaradhwaja. The Ayurvedic medicine as described in Vaijasya Ratnawali gives good results but will also not burden patients. Major herbo-mineral yogas which have been used since hundreds of years with pinpoint indications are being discussed here

Abhraka Bhasma

In case of infertility it is added as a co-oprescribed medicine with swarna prescription or bhasmas like Trivanga Bhasma. The therapeutic effects of abhraka bhasma are said to be long lasting.

Dose: 125-250 mg twice a day

Gandhaka Rasayan

It is the medicine used in case of infertility caused by the uro-genital infection. Increased ups cells, WBCor abnormal forms of sperms are reduced by usage of this rasayana. It restores the normal pH if it is acidic.

Dose: 1-2 tabs twice a day

Krauncha Paka

Decreased semen volume, reduced sperms counts are indications for the avaleha. It is for underweight individuals. It also increase libido but it is used small dose as it contain ahiphena.

Dose: 12gms twice a day with milk

Madhumalini Vasanta

It is very rich source of calcium. It provide nutrition to the reproductive tissue as it has ability to penetrate tissues. Decreased semen volume, decreased motility are perfect indication for this medicine.

Dose : 1-2 tablets twice a day

Mukta pishti

It is also source of calcium. It used in treat infection pyospermias. Itmaintain pH of semen.

Dose : 125mg twice a day

Rajatha Bhasma

Sexually transmitted disease like Syphilis, gonorrhea can cause infertility. They cause sperm defects. Such infections usually maintain chronic course. Though complete cure should be advised before planning for conception, rajatha bhasma for the prescription will ensure faster results.

Dose : 62.5-125mg twice a day

Poornachandrodaya Rasa

Poornachandrodaya rasa is the highly efficacious rasayana and vajikarana yoga. Poornachandrodaya increase the semen volume, sperm count as well as motility. It also improved sexual performance and interest. It is supposed to have antimicrobial properties. Primary or secondary infertility due to tuberculosis, oligospermia, oligoathenozoospermia, and erectile dysfunction can be successful treated with this medicine.

Dose : 1-2 tablet twice a day with milk or ghee

Vasanta kusumakara  Rasa

It is the best vajikarana medicine.it improves libido, erectile dysfunction and prevents early ejaculation. It increase sperm count and motility, promotes sperm maturation. Low semen volume, decreased sperm count and motility respond effectively to count and motility effectively to vasanta kusumakara rasa. It is part of prescription in males who are above 35 years and planning for conception.

Dose : 1-2 tablet twice a day with shatavari, aswagandha and sugar.

Veerya shodana vati

Verya sodhana vati does a thorough, clearance of all the negative impacts of the causative factors. This is very much necessary as residual infection to affect morphology and dynamics of the sperm. Primary and secondary infertility due to genital infection is the indication of this formulation.

Dose : 1-2 tablet a day with milk

Veerya sthambhana Vati

Veerya sthmbhana vati reduces cellular damage to spermatozoa. In case of smokers it is the precautionary measure even if count and motility is normal. It gives in warm milk with condition pyospermia, infertility due to genital infection, primary and secondary infertility in smoker, alcoholic, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction condition.

Dose : 1-2 tablet twice a day with milk

Swarna Malini vasanta

The benefits of this swarna malini vasanta is long lasting and permanent as it contatin both swarna and yashada. Its prescription is done in case of long history of infertility, lack of libido, etc. it increase sperm and seminal parameters but also increase libido and enhance mood.

Dose: 1-2 tablets twice a day

Swarna bhasma

It helps the condition to increase sperms, motility, sperm count. It improve entire reproductive system including sperm condition for varicocele.

Dose 35mg-125mg twice a day with vidarikanda choorna

Shuktramatruka vati

It has the antioxidant property which increase the production of semen and sperm. It prevents the oxidation in reproduction tissue. It is used combined with chandraprabha vati. It is the indication for the asthenozoospermia, idiopathic infertility, oligospermia.

Dose : 1-2 tablet twice a day with water or pomegranate juice

Trivanga Bhasma

Yashada bhasma is an important ingredient of this bhasma. Zinc is known to increase motility of sperm. Reduce head and tail defects. Vanga bhasma promotes proper development of the testes, reduces nocturnal emissions thus ensuring normal quality of semen of procreations. Naga bhasma promotes proper development of testes, reduces nocturnal emission, reduces nocturnal emission thus ensures quality of semen for procreations. Naga is tonic for reproductive tissues and testicular functions.

Dose : 125-250mg twice  a day

Yashada Bhasma

It is the useful medicine for glandular disorders. It is rich source of zinc. It is good for male fertility. It is for the prescription in case of fertility. Pyospermia is another condition wherein results of yasahada bhasma is very good.

Dose : 125-250mg twice a day

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