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Ayurvedic Management for Anemia

Ayurvedic remedies for Anaemia

Anemia is a common blood disorder. Anemia is a condition in which your red blood cell count is so low that not enough oxygen is carried to all parts of your body. While there are over 400 variations, iron-deficiency anaemia is the most common. Some variations may be treated over a short period of time, while underlying illnesses and medical conditions may cause other types to last longer and often require ongoing treatment. Hemolysis or deterioration of red blood corpuscles can also cause anemia. Anemia is caused as Pandu roga in Ayurveda. There are many factors that can cause the condition of anemia in the body. Due to various reason there is continous blood loss from the body that leads to Anemia. Like Hemorrhoids or piles, gastro intestinal ulcers or cancers. Also girls in puberty and pregnant women may suffer from Anemia. Anemia can also be caused after some major injury or a surgery in which there was major loss of blood.

 Anemia can also be caused after some major injury or a surgery in which there was major loss of blood.

Some of major types of Anemia according to cause are

  • Iron deficiency anemia
  •  Folic acid deficiency anemia
  •  Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
  • Vitamin C deficiency anemia
  •  Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
  • Hemolytic anemia
  •  Sickle cell anemia
  •  Aplastic anemia
  • Anemia of chronic disease
Ayurvedic treatmen for Anaemia

Anaemia in Ayurveda



  • Weakness, Dizziness, Fatigue, Lack of energy
  • Premature wrinkling
  • Droopy eyes
  • Weak memory
  • Breathlessness on exertion, Palpitations
  • Headache, Hair loss
  • Slow healing

Home Remedies

  • Nutrients food  like cereals, rice, pastas, dairy products(milk, yogurt, cheese), vegetables, and fruits, meats, fish eggs and nuts which boost the immune system.
  • Eat food rich in iron content such as liver, green leafy vegetables, beetes, dried fruits, oysters, brown rice, lentils, raisins, breads and pastas etc.
  • Cook in iron pots significantly increase the amount of iron in your foods.
  • Take iron supplements and vitamins specially during pregnancy to care your baby health.
  •  Take 1 tsp sesame seeds and Soak them in water for 2 hours. Then crush the sesame seeds to paste. Mix well with 1 teaspoonful honey and have two times a day.
  • Take 1 glass of apple juice and mix with equal beetroot juice. Add honey as per your taste and drink everyday.
  • Apples are very rich source of iron and can be eaten after every meal.
  • Beetroot is also a very good source of iron.
  • Figs must be eaten regularly, at the rate of three to four per day.
  • Organ meats like kidney and liver must be included in the diet.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, etc. are rich source of vitamin C which help in production of new Red blood cells.
  • Cold water bath is known to have beneficial effects in anemia. A person with anemia must have at least two cold water baths a day.

Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Anemia

1.Ash Gourd (Benincasa hipsida)

2.Celery (Apium graveolens)

3.Chicory (Chichorium intybus)

4.Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)

5.Onion (Allium cepa)

6.Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum)


Ayurvedic Treatment for Anemia

Ayurvedic anemia treatment is done according to following principles.

  1. Avoidance of all the dietary, lifestyle and emotional factors that cause anemia is essential to anemia treatment.
  2. Panchakarma Purification Therapy – Virechana : First give internal Oleation and then use induced purgation to balance the pitta. Constipation needs to be corrected before the treatment of anemia can begin.
  3. Diet and herbs in anemia treatment should be in accordance with affected bodily humors.
  4. Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation : Yoga has positive effects in anemia. The preferable asanas are paschimottasana and shavasana. These bring the body into a relaxed state of equilibrium and facilitate circulation of blood.

Ayurvedic Medicines:

  • Punarnava mandura
  • Swarna makshik Bhasma
  • Lohasava
  • Amalaki Rasayana
  • Dhatri Lauha
  • Arogyavardhini Vati

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