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Ayurveda: How to gain weight ?

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Weight gain tips

Some people are over weight and some are under weight. But both of this condition are troublesome for the people. so the people with under weight dreams about gaining weight. The people willing to gain the weight searching for all the solutions. A person may be underweight from his childhood due under nourishment during infancy and adolescence. The main cause of under weight is nutritional deficiency during pregnancy in the mother that may later lead to lower fat cell in the baby. Thus genetic factors are main leading cause of less weight. Like thinness, like obesity runs in the total family hereditary

The other cause is eating habits of food which cause underweight. Lack of nutritious diet and proper nutrition. Next factors is chronic illness. The debilitating diseases common are cancer which cause gradual weight loss of weight. Other rising causes are stress, anxiety, depression may lead to lower weight. The regular use of cigarette, caffeine may also cause under weight problem.

Certain medical condition associated with the weight loss are hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, etc which patient gradual weight loss occurs. Bulimia and anorexia nervosa are main serious food oriented maladies. Other causes are . Greater tendency to Vata diseases, Impaired immunity,  Anemia etc.

Self care Guidelines

  1. Ayuveda Scholar Sushruta says Removing cause is cure of disease. Emaciation are caused by certain disease, it should be removed to cure.
  2. Encourage to take nutritious diets containing all nutrients, take easily digestable, high calorie food with fruit and fresh vegatables.
  3. Early fatigue and coldness of body are common on under weight and lack of nutrition are may cause this. So encourage diet and foot such as meat extracts, milk, curd, raw vegetable, jaggery, black-gram and ghee can be therapeutic.
  4. Focus on the high energy foods than low energy food.
  5. Increase the intake of dairy products like milk and cheese. But don’t eat that increase your blood pressure.
  6. Select the vegetable with high calories, starch such as potatoes, carrots, also rice, yava and such starchy grains.
  7. Drinking water in middle and before meal is discouraged it disturb appetite and digestion.
  8. Adequate rest and sound sleep is necessary. Relax the body and mind that brun the calorie and relax the tension.
  9. Avoid alcohol, smoking and tobacco.
  10. All type of work and labour that over use of mind and body, that cause exertion should be avoided. Always be cheerful and tension free.
  11. Excess sexual indulgence should be avoided.
  12. Eat Frequently- Eat five or more meals a day.
  13. Take 1tbsp of ghee and add 1tbsp of sugar to it mix and lick this mixture little by little in empty stomach just before lunch and dinner .and then after 30 mins you can have your meals.
  14. Making a habit of consuming one well ripen banana with a cup of warm milk with a tsp of ghee mixed or stirred into it with little sugar .Here sugar is for taste.
  15. You can boost your appetite by working daily atlest 30-40 min. may be walking, dance a bit etc.
  16.  Regular exercise if possible like yoga, meditation should be inspired like aerobic activity, walking in the fresh air and stay fit.
  17. Regular body massage with the Ayurvedic Medicated oils like aswagandhadi oil is recommended. It energies the body and maintain fat in adipose tissue.
  18. Some of Ayurvedic Herbs very useful for emaciations are Aswagandha, Satavari, Bala, Amalaki, Yastimadhu, Bidarigandha etc. very useful Ayurvedic formulation are like

Ayurvedic preparations

  • Chyvanprash : Chyavanprash is a comprehensive tonic. It can be taken for all age as it promote better metabolism.
  • Shatavari kalpa : It increases body weight and helps to regain vigour and vitality.
  • Makarkdwaj: It is Rasayana property and excellent herbal Tonic.
  • Vasant Kusumakar Ras: It improves immmunity, power and tones up all the systems of the body.
  • Ashwagandhavaleha-
  • Draksharista- 3tsp of this should be taken with equal amount of boiled and cooled water with a drop of honey thrice a day for atleast 1 month.
  • Ashwaganda choorna may be taken with ghee or honey or even milk thrice daily.
  • Amritaprasana Ghritam, Chaagalyadi Ghritan

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