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Ayurveda Gems and Tri Doshas

Gems and Tridoshas
Gems and Doshas

Gems and precious metals are used in Ayurveda to balance planetary influence and to act directly on life force. The ancient Ayurvedic researchers studied healing properties of gems, and found that different stones created different effects in the human body. Healing stones absorb and produce specific energies that are related to the frequences of the light that they receive. These frequencies can be seen as colors and are related to planetary energies that go well beyond the visble light frequencies. Having the capacity to both attract and dispel positive or negatives energies, their healing energies are received through wearing them in jewelry or having them in some way close to body, placing them in water overnight and drinking the water the next day; drinking water from vessels made of specific metals such as gold, silver or copper, or taking gem tinctures  in water. In the case of metal drinking vessels, gold is good for vata while silver is good for pitta and kapha.

Gems for Vata

General single gems Emerald, jade, yellow sapphire, topaz, garnet, ruby

In combinations with precious metals citrine in gold, amethyst on gold necklace, beryl in silver ring worn on left ring finger.

Specific : Lapis lazuli on gold necklace, opal ring on right index finger, opal necklace, pearl on right ring fingers, ruby on left ring finger, topaz on right index fingers, topaz in necklace, yellow on index finger, blue sapphire on middle finger, moonstone in silver ring setting on right ring finger. Gems are almost always used in womens trending necklaces of today.

Gems for Pitta

General single gems  Moonstone, clear quartz, emerald, jade, pearl, peridot, blue sapphire

In combination with precious metals amethyst in silver, diamond in whilte gold ring on middle or little finger.

Specific : all in silver setting moonstone in ring on right ring finger pearl in ring on right ring finger, red coral ring on index finger, blue sapphire ring on middle finger.

Gems for kapha

General single gems garnet, ruby, blue sapphire, amethyst

In combination with precious metals catseye set in gold, lapis, lazuli in gold necklace with warmer stones, agate on gold necklace, beryl ring on left ring finger.

Specific  diamond ring on right ring finger, opal ring on right index finger, blue sapphire ring in middle finger, ruby in silver ring on left ring finger.  Explore  your perfumes, experiment with new colors, buy a piece of specific jewelry, and fill your life with beautiful soud.Enjoy it all and offer the beauty you have discovered back to the world.

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