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Ayurveda and Eggs – Why no eggs in Ayurveda?

Concept of eggs in Ayurveda

We know Egg whites are a great source of protein and yellow part is a rich source of fat. The egg yolks are a hearty and nourishing tonic pacifying Vata energy but aggravating Kapha energy. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol. Egg yolks are heating, and mildly aggravating to Pitta. Similar to meat, eggs are Tamasic foods. Ayurveda prohibits eating eggs because it aggravates the physical and emotional fierceness. Eggs are strongly discouraged and completely avoided since several centuries.  Just like no meat in Ayurveda, no eggs in Ayurveda have many perspectives.

Eating eggs create a veil to develop the spirituality. It isn’t a balanced food and it creates imbalance in the body.

From the spiritual context, eating eggs is totally opposed to attaining spirituality. Spirituality is purity! Eggs are unnatural foods. Eggs are just like babies, the progeny of hens and cocks. It is like ruining the sacredness of the feminine group of chickens. Although eggs are not like meat, which is not about killing animal, eating eggs is inclined with sexual exploitation of hens! If you eat egg, you kill a hen before it is born.

Now-a-days, we can find the chicken less eggs, gaining more popularity. You may argue, why I should eat a chicken-less egg, which is not an outcome of sexual reproduction in chicken family. Remember, no hen lays a chicken less egg naturally. Hens are injected to stimulate certain hormones to lay chicken-less egg, which is undoubtedly artificial. Remember, no artificial foods are allowed in Ayurveda!

Ayurveda and Eggs

Eggs in Ayurveda

While eggs are low calorie and high protein foods, no body recommends eating eggs on a daily basis. Yes, it is harmful to the macrobiotic standards of a balanced food. Eating eggs should be accompanied with a lot of restrictions on the diet, which is too difficult.

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