Sex and Ayurveda

Aswagandha and Sex


Aswagandha is important herb in Ayurveda medicine. Also called (Indian Ginseng/Ayurvedic Ginseng).

The literary meaning of Aswagandha , Ashwa means ‘Horse’ and gandha means ‘Smell’. Ayurveda and sex has intimate relation from beginning. Aswagandha has better therapeutic action in sexual related disorders in male and female. It has powerful effect in libido and sex drive.

The chemically active ingredient in Aswagandha is withanolides. It has steroid like effects, indirectly increase steroidal hormones like testosterone and progesterone in the body.

sex_ayurvedaAccording to Ayurveda, Aswagandha is Rasayan herbs. And also Aswagandha increase GABA activity in brain which helps calm down of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep.

Aswagandha increase sexual vitality act as natural aphrodisiac. Most of sexual problems are due to stress. Aswagandha helps neutralizing anti stress properties. Aswagandha is much male friendly enhancing productivity and quality of sperms. It increase power and provides long lasting endurance. It shows the testosterone like effects.

According to Ayurveda it is best herb for balancing Vata in the body. Vata governs all movement, Aswagandha helps controlling this action. Aswagandha is very useful in spermatorrhea , loss of strength, lack of sexual drive and erectile dysfunction. It is also found to be promising in sterility of women.

It has long history of use of increasing sexual stamina and lessen the frequency of premature ejaculation, most active compound and alkaloids withanoloids enhance longevity and posses sexually stimulate property. The literary book of sex ‘Kama sutra’ suggests the herb Aswagandha for enhance sexual experience.

The Aswagandha powder can be taken 3gm with milk twice daily to discharge and infertility. Aswagandha powder and sugar is equal proportion 3-6gm with milk cures impotency, milk indicated for debilitated, weak persons or those with lower than normal body with Aswagandha. Aswagandha is only hope for male and female sterility. Aswagandha control the stress condition preventing sexual interest and weakened hormonal activity.

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Specialized in Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)
Trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda
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