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Advantages of Daily water Bath

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Daily bath benefits

Bathing is the very much important activity to make you healthy and fit. Bathing daily is necessary with lots of benefits in sense of cleanliness and refreshes. Ayurveda is the oldest system of Medicine, being a health philosophy concerns itself with whole life style. Usually day starts with bath. It appears that desire to take bath is generated in healthy body itself. See how birds, cows, buffaloes enjoy bath in nature.

Ayurveda has described Bathing in Dincharya (Daily Routine to follow). Bathing is very important to start a day every morning. Ayurveda suggest to start every day with early bath to lift up the spirit everytime. According to the age, season and body, the body should be wash with clean water. There is well explained in Ayurveda to use the hot water below the neck and cold water above the head. Use of hot water in winter seasons and cold water in summer seasons. Daily bath itself improve immunity, and prevents many disease including skin diseases. Hindu religion including all religions advocate any religious rituals should be perform after bath only. So it is believed to purify both mind and body including spirit.

Bathing is a must everyday for cleaning and refreshing the body. Bathing rejuvenates the body. The nose, ears and feet should be specificially cleaned during bathing. The heat of the koop is absorbed by the body boosting digestive powers and happiness. Thus, bathing helps prolong life. It enthuses the body and mind and increase strength. It acts against fatigue, itching, body odour, sweating, indolence, thirst and irritation. Some of basic benefits for daily bathings are

  • It is recommended to bath twice a day but once a day is must for maintaining good health.
  • Bathing should be avoided immediately after eating and when suffering from illness of eye, mouth and ear, diarrhea, chronic cold, indigestion. Bathing aggravates these ┬ácondition.
  • Ayurveda advocates the warm water bath; Yoga advises the use of cold water.
    The body cools minutes after exposure to hot water as the blood vessels which dilated with heat contract in reaction. A cold shower has the opposite effect, making you warm within a few minutes as the vessels constricted by the cold dilate. “
  • Bathing in warm water is also used to alleviate the ill effects of arthritis, sports injuries or other musculoskeletal problems.
  • It freshens you up.Then, dirt and odious odour removed.
  • Bathing keeps you mentally and physically fit through out the day.
  • It acts as relaxing and tranquilizing of the body.
  • Vatta people, who require heat, is to luxuriate in a warm bath or shower
  • Kapha types should adapt to cool water, to invigorate themselves
  • Pitta people should if possible adapt themselves to cool showers and baths, to help remove their excess heat.
  • No one should bathe for at least an hour after eating to avoid drawing blood away from the gut where it is required for digestion.

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