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5 Healthy Eating Tips for Pregnant Mothers

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Expecting mother? It is a blissful phase in every woman’s life!

Now that the Affordable Care Act has been put in motion, many expecting moms are getting the information and care needed for a successful pregnancy. Unfortunately, many pregnant mothers fail to get adequate nutrition during their gestation, which can easily result with giving birth to a malnourished baby. Alternatively, there are a few women who eat constantly during their pregnancy who eat constantly with little regard to their own health. Both of these habits are unhealthy and can cause harm to both the mother and the child in the womb. Vomiting, aversion to certain foods, even the smell of specific foods—among other things—can prevent eating healthy.

For optimal health, here are five simple healthy eating tips for pregnant mothers enduring the trials and tribulations of the gestational period.

Liquid nutrition

Taking in large quantities of liquids is a top priority for pregnant women. Don’t worry though, the “liquids” referred to does not have to strictly be water. However, instead of drinking glass after glass of coffee or tea, opt for fresh fruit juices, coconut water, and milk. These liquids are not only tasty and refreshing, but also provide an abundance of health benefits as far as nutrition is concerned.

Fresh fruit juices contain loads of vitamins and minerals; plus it can supplement any nutritional requirements you have unknowingly foregone.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water is arguably the best remedy to combat against many health ailments that often plague expecting mothers during pregnancy. Water can stave off urinary tract infections and dehydration during pregnancy.

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Nutty and fruity snacks

Snacking is essential for pregnant moms.

As an expecting mom reaches the middle of her second trimester, through the third trimester, pregnant mothers will likely not be able to eat a lot of food due to an increase in the baby’s weight. However, by eating small portions of foods (snacking), cravings for larger means should become more frequent. While you may not be able to eat a full-meal every time, you can always munch on healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks are often centered around fruits and nuts. Great examples of health snacks include peanut balls, chocolate-covered almonds, nut medleys, etc.

Eating a handful of raw nuts can also provide an enormous amount of minerals, which can help prevent many immunity diseases. Also, you can eat a whole fruit like an apple, pomegranate, orange, grapes, etc. when you feel hungry too.

Tasty Calcium

It is essential to drink at least 3 – 4 glasses of milk. If you don’t like drinking plain milk, try adding powdered almonds, kesar and a bit of elachi along with saffron.

Many pregnant moms have an aversion towards drinking milk! It is important to remember that any expecting mother needs calcium for good bone health for you and your baby. You can supplement your milk drinking by adding more cheese, butter and cottage cheese (paneer) in your diet to ensure you’re meeting your daily calcium requirements.

Many women (pregnant or not) are concerned that eating cheese in any quantity will cause significant weight gain. In those situations, you can use paneer as an alternative option. Just sprinkle the shredded cheese into your meals and enjoy the rich taste it adds.


A major problem experienced by most pregnant mothers is constipation! Constipation has many direct and indirect health complications during pregnancy. Inappropriate discharge of stool may cause swelling of legs. In addition, it prevents the intake of healthy foods, which can lead to malnourishment.

Eating more fiber is the only way to avoid constipation. Fiber is rich in greens like Spinach, Drumstick leaves, curry leaves, beans, plantain root, mangoes, etc. Remember to have at least one fiber rich food in your major meals. It is important to note that you have to drink lots of water when you take more fiber.

Eat the Rainbow

Yes, you read it right. Eat the rainbow; essentially, that means you should try and foods of many different colors and sources. For instance, green-colored vegetables, yellow-colored fruits, red fruits, white rice, brown millets etc., are all great examples.

Have a colorful meal with at least two vegetables and a choice of fruit during the meal.

Eating healthy throughout the 9 months of pregnancy is more important than anything else in the world. Eat healthy, stay happy and enjoy the motherhood.

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  • Getting enough fluids such as water, is critical during pregnancy to prevent constipation and supply for the expanding blood volume which carries oxygen and nutrients to both you, as a mother and your baby.

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