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5 Common Fears About Sex

Written by Sardar Danish

Sex is always not enjoyable for some people. The reason behind this can be different issues that one feels. There are some fears that staying with a person all the time and avoiding sex or doing it for the sake of your partner’s happiness will do nothing. Sex-related fears get deeply into your mind where they start to control you by becoming a part of your psyche. This makes it very difficult to enjoy such an intimate experience.

According to the top sexologist of Lahore, the fears generate because of the worse experiences that occurred in the past, or the fear of looks, and could also be repercussions or bad memories related to sex.

For better understanding let’s look at the most common fears:

Body Image Issues

The most common fear that is seen mostly in females is the issue of looking a certain way. The unrealistic standards of beauty that are set by our society are the biggest trigger behind this. Almost 90 percent of the fears and issues are linked to self-image or the body looking in a certain way. The fear of the reaction of the partner when he sees you nude or without proper clothing is real.

Especially with people that have dark complexions, it has been very hard that they even forget to embrace their bodies and don’t even want to enjoy sex with all these issues. The most important thing is confidence in what you carry yourself with.  And these insecurities and fears are not something that you alone are experiencing but a good number of people go through that.

Fear of Getting Pregnant

For two adults who are sleeping together with consent, it should never be an issue, but there are a lot of people who have this impending fear where they think even having intercourse for once will lead to them having a baby when they are not ready for it.

The only key here is to use contraception in a correct manner. It makes the chances of you conceiving very slim. If the fear is very overwhelming or is disturbing a lot, the only practice that is the best is to wait till both partners don’t feel the fear of getting pregnant. There is no harm in helping each other out if it is getting difficult for any of the partners to use contraception.

Fear of Painful Sex

Women who are virgins or who haven’t tried sex ever are quite fearful of the pain when they try and have sex with someone. This fear is justified because virginity is a real thing that is not Discussed a lot in Asian countries. Keep this mind at all times that sex is not something to cause you pain. You need to have a proper discussion with your partner before having sex and decide what is it that you like and what you do not.

Fear of Experiencing Uninvited Functions of The Body

There are a number of questions that can run down your mind while having sex. The fear of uninvited events is one of the most common fears of around 80 percent of people in this world. people think that they might fart or burp while doing it.

The fear grows for people who have not experienced intercourse in their life ever. The best advice is to ignore the positions or the pressure points that make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Try and be basic at the start and do not put pressure on ourselves that we will fart or burp. It is very much natural to fart and even burp during the time of intercourse.

Fear of Smelling Bad

This is a common fear and there is no fear in feeling that. It is important to use deodorant and mouthwash before you go indulge in such activities. Personal hygiene is a thing that you need to focus on. Do not fear this, instead, make sure to keep yourself clean including your pubes.


The fears related to sex are quite common. Some people think it’s foolish to have such fears when in reality it actually isn’t normal for some people to think that sex is not a big deal. Visit your doctor if you ned some extra help or counselling with these fears, however, these can be eradicated easily by working on yourself.

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