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Yoga asana

Yogic exercise for healthier low back

Most people may experience low back pain at certain stages of their life span. This pain can vary from mild to severe. It can make everyday activities difficult to perform. No work can be performed without movement of back bone. The lower back...
Yoga for digestive system

Yoga after food for better digestion

Yoga is the technique of physical and mental fitness. Regular physical activities including yoga, meditation is the best way of living healthy life. Yoga, Pranayam are the complete holistic system of healing. The system of Yoga evolves before...

Things to remember before Asanas & Pranayamas

Yoga Practice Yoga is an excellent way of managing mind, body & soul. Compared with many other forms of physical exercises, yoga asanas have certain distinct advantages.  Asana means “seat” or “posture.” The yoga...

7 of my favorite yoga poses

Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word “Yuja” which means to Unite. The unification of Mind, soul and body is defined as Yoga.  Yoga is for longeivity of life, happiness and living healthy lifestyle. Yoga deals with the extensively with every...

Down with Yoga

Yoga has been touted as a beneficial exercise that allows our bodies to be more flexible and have more longevity. One yoga pose that is quite known is the “downward-facing dog.”  In sanskrit, it is “Adhomukha Svanasana“ We...