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Aswagandha (Winter Cherry)

The irony of ashwagandha is that it is a tonic and sedative all in one. It strengthens an exhausted nervous system that can manifest with ‘hyper’ signs such as emotional instability, agitation or feeling stressed out. It has the dual action...
aloe vera in ayurveda

Kumari (Aloe vera)

The Indian name for aloe vera is kumara meaning ‘young maiden’ which reveals is affinity for the female menstrual cycle and its rejuvenative powers for maintaining youthfulness. Common name: Aloe Vera (E) Sanskrit Kumari Latin Aloe indica/vera/barbandensis–...

Ajwain (Bishop’s weed)

Delicously aromatic, ajwain is a wonderful remedy for sluggish digestion and coughs. A truly warmig seed. Common name: Bishop’s weed (E), Sanskrit Yavani, Yavanika, Agnivardhan Latin Trachyspermum ammi syn. Trachyapermum copticum, carum copticum/roxburghianum/ajawan,...
ajmoda in ayurveda

Ajmoda (Celery Seed )

As with all members of the Umbelliferae family with their ascendant flower and seed heads this is a digestive ‘lightener’. Its  pungency and aromatic nature activate the digestive process and make light work of heavy food. Literally meaning...

Medicinal Herbs Neem

The earlier literatures of Ayurvedic and Unani system of medicine have described many preparation and surprising uses of Neem. Ayurveda claims that it provides an answer to many incurable diseases like diabetes, Jaundice, Leprosy, stomach ulcer,...

Zinger Very Effective Ayurvedic Herb

Zinger is one of the common in our kitchen in day to day life. It has Ayurvedic cures and medicinal values most of us may not know. What do the zingers which make it very important? According to Ayurveda Zinger is pungent in taste, heavy,...