12:35 am - Tuesday October 24, 2017

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Ayurveda tips for Teeth Care

Also as per Ayurveda our mouth is the seat of kapha dosa. We must keep is as clean as possible to reduce this as it may lead to yellowing of teeth, oral and dental problems. If your teeth are dull, yellow and stained then think of ayurvedic...
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Ayurvedic Remedies for Itchy scalp

Rub the scalp vigorously after washing the hair. It increases the blood circulation, and activates the sebaceous glands. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is good to drink to induce hair growth. The juice of alfalfa...
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Skin Care according to Doshas

Knowing your skin type gives you clues as to what you should eat and how to plan your daily routine to balance and nourish your skin. Knowing your skin type also gives you the key to customizing your skin care routine. For instance, the M•SPA...