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Pumpkin Spice Tea

According to Ayurveda ,Autumn is a season of deficiency and change, provoking higher stress levels. As leaves fall, nourishing and seasonal foods like pumpkin and nutmeg and nervines to soothe the nervous system help us weather the change....
yellow moong dal soup

Yellow moong dal soup

Moong dal soup is a healthy ayurvedic dish, that is very high in protein. It is made with split Moong dal and flavored with “Hari Cilantro Chutney”. Moong Dal Soup is very flavorful yet simple and easy to make. Moong dal soup (green gram...

Moong Dal Khichadi

Khichadi (also Khichdi, khichdee, khichuri, khichari and many other variants) is an Ayurvedic dish that contains a combination of rice and lentils.  Khichadi is also the first solid that babies are introduced to. Rice and lentils are simmered...
ayurveda cooking

Principle of Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurveda encompasses the healing of body, mind and spirit through diet, lifestyle (including yoga and meditation), medicinal Ayurvedic herbs, and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurvedic nutrition shows that food combining and proper cooking...